Remove crafting quality/ranks

It is really not needed. I’m an enchanter and I haven’t crafted a lot which is probably my fault but any time I drop an upgrade I just can’t enchant it right away to use it because all my crafts are rank 1-2 and I want rank 3. This is really annoying.

Yes you can say that the upgrade difference is still better with a rank 1 enchant given the ilvl upgrade but having to enchant something from my own material then replace it from AH with a quality 3 is total waste so I would rather not do it. So basically I have a profession which I can’t even use for myself unless I craft hundreds of everything which is total gold waste to up the quality outcome.

Fore consumables and enchants it sux , fore gear crafts it is great system

This is intended way to craft, we were/are all that point. More skilled crafter can make better things, we all did crap things at start, but with time we can craft best stuff.
Sure you can use profession for yourself, you just need to get your skill up to be better or use stuff from more skilled crafters.

you miss the point that it is a gigantic waste of gold leveling up ranks because the material sells higher than the actual craft.

It was always like that in every expansion, go try leveling enchanting in wotlk classic, you will find the same thing.
Try looking at it as investment, you invest in leveling and then you can make profit when you finished, it is like small irl business where you have to get a loan or have your own money for start.

leveling up crafts isnt that bad while you have to craft quite a bit for quality 3.

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