Remove dungeon cap for the first week!

I can pretty much just cancel my time off if they are going to have the dungeon cap in. I’m on a 80% Horde 20% alliance PVP server and there won’t be any way to quest for weeks.

Oh yeah I remember several quest areas that couldn’t accommodate two players worth of mobs.

Exactly. I still have flashbacks of classic launch when big wave of undends just floded out of starting tomb. It was a miracle to kill 1 spider or zombie. Thats why dungeons are going to be go to option for those who want to start at launch. They just should remove it.

So do 30 dungeons then start an alt and do 30 dungeons. Cause on big servers good luck questing unless they put like 20 layers.

Why do we have a dungeon cap in the first place? Maybe it should instead be restricted to 30 of the SAME dungeon per day?

try 200 layers for Gehennas, still not enough.

It’s scary but this is the reality for quite a few quests. Most can hold more than that, but not by much. I’ve tried levelling on the beta, and it’s not like there are masses of players on the same quest but you’re literally searching for spawns.

Good example is the first quest in HPF to kill the orcs for the blood, there are tonnes of those orcs running around, but the whole area is farmed clean with a lot less players than we will be seeing at launch.

I’m not even considering doing those quests at launch, massive waste of time.

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Shazzrah is also a full server with 4+ hours queue. We even had queue many months in. So ye, i know the feeling.

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Add 50+ layers to Gehennas (at least) and remove the dungeon cap for the first 3-4 weeks. It will be unplayable if you don’t, and you know it. Please. Make this a good experience for everyone.


I agree. Remove the cap!!

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Remove the cap

Remove the cap

no capperino plx blizzard

Agreed, remove the cap.

yep, its gonna be virtually unplayable come release. better fix this blizzerino. even if the cap is only gone for a week or two. thatll get rid of the first few waves atleast

We did it guys.

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Or skip straight through to Zangarmarsh if you’re naxx geared

Plenty of people will do that too, but this topic is now irrelevant as they removed the cap.
Is there a way to delete this thread?
Apparently not…

You can do that whatever gear you’re at if you enter at level 60. But I’m definitely not Naxx geared, levelled my first char in phase 1 and haven’t played it since, 2nd char after TBC was announced specifically for TBC, just done some PvP.

Zangarmarsh is going to be crowded too, that elite bog strider just south of the Cenarian base has I think a 10min spawn timer, can you imagine both factions fighting over a 10min spawn that only 5 people can do at a time… Brutal.

If you’re Naxx geared even more reason to do dungeons IMO, you will storm through them so fast.

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