Daily Per-Character Dungeon Limit Update


The daily limit was a setting that we chose with great care last year, as we measured that it would impact an extremely low number of legitimate accounts, while giving us a helpful means to limit the impact of exploitative accounts before we could detect them and close them.

Now, with The Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch upon us, we understand that players are about to play WoW in a different way as they level up their Blood Elves and Draenei and then go through the Dark Portal and level some more. Over the next few weeks, the impact of the daily limit is more difficult to know, so we’re going to remove the daily limit on all Burning Crusade realms, effective with the launch of pre-patch.

As before, we will carefully observe player activity so that we can decide what daily limit, if any, is appropriate to enact after Outland leveling activities have peaked.



fresh 1-70 TBC servers please, thank you.


Great change! Really good to see.

Dungeon limit was stupid to begin with. Seems now you realise.


Fresh tbc servers ty


They do listen to us…


Nice! And could you please set the gold transfer limits to the same as they were in 2.4.3? (that’s 5k at level 51 and above, not 5k just at 70 as your support article states).

Old wowwiki-revision from 2007: https://wowwiki-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Character_Transfer_limitations/Paid_Character_Transfer_FAQ_(US)?oldid=416423

fresh tbc servers when?


When I take something you got and give it back 1 year later after you spent the whole period asking for it, you reaction shouldn’t be “how kind of you, you listened to me!”…

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Well, i asked for it like an hour before, i made a thread about it.
now im not saying i caused this, but they would not have done it if we didnt ask for it.

For your information, they implemented this change about 1 year ago, no one asked for this, it pissed people off yet and people have been asked for a revert since then.

So yeah, no reason to be happy in the first place.

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Good change as it hurt players the most as bots just make more accounts and their most popular money maker pickpocketing brd didn’t need to reset

Nice. I wouldn’t mind if we never saw it return.

I also can’t wait for someone to come complaining about not having had enough time when Blizzard reintroduces it. There is bound to be someone unable to nolife at the start, only to have grand plans the first weekend after the daily cap is back.

I was kind of hoping it wouldnt have to come back, or exist at all at this point anymore. Blizzard has had plenty of time to deal with the bot problem, dungeon limit was a bandage, it was treating the symptoms instead of fixing the real issue.

No. Wrong. Here’s what you’re going to do.

You’re going to get rid of this dungeon limitation. This ain’t some Korean/Asian MMO in which we have to pay to play dungeons and pay even more to surpass a lockout on said dungeons.

This did nothing to prevent the bot issue or the massive influx of gold. Fun fact: Do you know what did? The massive ban wave you did and seemingly have been continuing for the past few weeks at least I checked the RMT websites before and after and the prices quadrupled. That’s how you fix it.

So, continue doing that. Hit the gold sellers and gold buyers hard with bans. Continue doing that. Don’t stop that and maybe, just maybe. You don’t have to punish everyone else for just… enjoying the game in dungeons.

Then we’re all happy.

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Good revert, but maybe try to deal with the actual issue the next time. Bots. Instead of screwing over the players who want to pay to play your game.

In my opinion, the dungeon cap does not work in regards to botters and boosters because they have multiple chars and accounts. For example, the rouge botters in brd never leave an instance in the first place and for the boosters, they still play their chars per hand but have multiple chars (the dungeon cap is 30 per realm and not account). The only ones punished by the dungeon cap are normal players who want to grind dungeons for their own fun and that is unacceptable. Please just put more GMs on bot duty because normal players can’t report bots who are solo in instances.

Yo , kaivax , can you hire some help to move servers faster ?

Noxxion is a PvP fresh TBC server , enjoy the slaying :smiley:

I really do not care about this max 30 dungeons per day. What will you do about many hours of missed out xp for Shamans on alliance and Paladins on horde? My thoughts they should give us 100% xp boost all the way from 1-60