Remove Guaranteed corruption if you can't fix the cleansing issue

Great update but if you can’t fix so you can recorrupt a cleansed item this will make high item lvl gear from PVP, M+ and Vision Chests with the “wrong corruption” useless.

For example if i get 475 ilvl hands with haste and Vers from M+ chest with avoidance Corruption. The stats are bis for pvp as arms warrior but the corruption is useless. and since i cant cleanse and the recorrupt with the corruption i want. Then i will probably be stuck with a 465 ilvl hands from end of run M+ chests. If you dont Mythic Raid.

Overall it will be difficult to get high Ilvl gear that you can actually put the corruption you want on it. Since most of the high ilvl gear also comes with guaranteed Corroption except from Mythic Raiding.

So if you cant fix it due to technical limitation I would suggest you remove the guaranteed corruption from the M+, PVP and Vision Chest since you will be able to buy the corruption you want anyway.

Or the absolute best solution would be to just make it so you can override an existing corruption. guess thats the same as cleansing and recoprrupt but you get my point. and then keep the current system as it is.


are we crying already?

use the dam 465 with your bis corruption OR corrupt another item

they clearly want to be able to re-corrupt, but that wasnt the desing in the first place, they will fix it soon (or not)

im assuming they have 15 diferent items with the same name but diferent corruptions, u see it when u cleanse the item, it does not cleanse, it turns into the default item
maybe they having trouble with some variable or object update on the code


Crying? no, im just pointing out a flaw in the system if you cant replace an already existing corruption.
But ye you are right they want to fix it, that is why i said if they cant this is just another solution

Some of the highest ilvl items in game comes with guaranteed corruption - from weekly chests, from 5 mask visions and some raid gear has guaranteed corruption. Making these items unusable does not feel good at all. If the fix isn’t possible, I hope they remove these guaranteed corruptions.


imagine Ion drinking coffee with high level leadership “hey lets make a corruption vendor”
he turns into the intern that had to hastly put corrutions into the game “set up a vendor and let it update the database flawlessly”
intern: “but it wasnt design for that in the first pla…”
Ion: “great, set the vendor, and you can fix small flaws later”
intern: sweating intensifies

defending and simping already ?

See how easy that is :slight_smile:

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They’ve delayed implementing the vendor so it seems they are working on a fix.

This is a very promising line of thinking from Blizz and we should encourage them to do more “not holding up the system” fixes.

So just put the 475s in your bank/bag and wait a few weeks :slight_smile:

Im fairly confident its intentional. Otherwise they wouldn’t have mentioned it. It keeps the best gear still hard to get rather than everyone next week suddenly being bis best gear

Huh?.. I think the reason why they mentioned it is simpler: it was to avoid having to deal with thousand of players who cleansed their gear only to realize there’s this technical issue that prevent them to corrupt their gear again. Thus avoiding the flood of complaints on the forum.

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Well what i mean is, they intentionally added that clensed items cant be recorrupted. Its not like its a bug that didnt intend to happen. The proof is that they mentioned it. So they 100٪ intended people nt be able to just clense the best gear they got and reroll eveything to bis corruptions
I was wrong nvm

That’s right, I agree. With now corruption purchasable what is the sense of having guaranteed corrupted items?
For who doesn’t do raids and rely on M+ weekly it would be best giving no corrupted items, then purchase one :sunglasses:

Yep, I understood you clearly. But I think you’re mistaken.

Guaranteed corruption items will still be very much needed though. Seems like people saw “Corruption vendor” and instantly assumed that everyone will have their bis corruption on reset day. But looking at the amount of currency you will get as well as at how much you will need, most people will need couple weeks or months to get enough to buy what they need. Assuming they don’t grind it out hardcore.
If someone does everything sensible (meaning: Full raid clear on nhc or higher; couple of m+ keys on 15 or higher; couple arena games on 1400-1600 rating or higher, 2 small invasions + 1 big invasion and 2-3 Full clear visions) he will still need 2 full ids (+reset) to gain 1 big corruption like Twilight 3.
This example is for a decent player who engages in all kinds of content. The average casual will not be able (or willing) to do all that plus if you cut out some types of content like raiding or pvp you will have to wait even longer.
So especially your example of M+ only player who will not do dozens of keys each week still heavily relies on corruption from M+.

Assuming they will be able to find a way to allow re-corruption of gear in the next couple of weeks I dont see a reason to remove the guaranteed corruption. This would only hurt players who are not super engaged on all types of content. Plus you will need multiple corruptions anyway and using the vendor to complete your set of corruptions seems far more sensible. (He will have to sell your prefered corruption on the cycle you have enough currency to begin with as well)

Yes but why do I need RNG stuff when I can have the one I want with a bit of grind?

On one note, I think the grind necessary to buy one is ridiculously low. I mean 1 vessel 1800 echoes, 2 vessels and you can buy a small corruption… not very… Blizzardy thing to do.

Your problem basically meh…

Its bigger concern that xyz players could amass insanse amount of currency than others, and blizz not resetting it. Seems fair to me.

That’s… not in any way proof.

They have warned us that Thing A will not work, but Thing B will, and said they are looking at whether Thing A can be made to work in the future. There isn’t any implication from their statement that it is intentional that we cannot cleanse and re-corrupt an item, and it is exactly the sort of statement they’d want to make to avoid thousands of support tickets about not being able to apply a corruption to an item.

You can choose to accuse Blizz of making it intentional if you like, but you’re doing it based on a feeling.

Not necessarily an unjustified feeling, since we have seen many decisions and systems that don’t appear to be good for players and a degree of cynicism is natural at this point, but a feeling is not evidence.

I still don’t think they should remove guaranteed corruptions, because yes, if you get a corrupted upgrade with a useless corruption, the item itself is useless. But if you get a good corruption, you saved yourself 2-3 weeks of farming echoes. In Ny’alotha, a lot of the items don’t even have RNG corruptions. If you get Devastation’s hour from N’zoth, you get it with R3 Twilight Devastation. Many of the raid items are BIS because of the guaranteed corruptions.

This vendor changes the bis for some classes. I’m pretty sure this will make the King’s Rest 2hander be bis for both slots for fury.

From the price list Blizz posted, it seems like R3 TD will cost 2 weeks worth of farming, assuming you do everything in both these weeks. So corruptions are still better to be there than not. That is of course, while realizing that you have to wait until R3 TD shows up in the vendor, because corruptions will be there on a rotation and not every week will have all corruptions.

However, Blizz has said they want to fix this, so this crying is objectively useless. It is better to release the system right now, because it will work more than 80% of the time and by the time this bug becomes a problem, it will probably be fixed.

With regards to raid corruptions which are specific corruptions on specific items, I agree that these shouldn’t be removed. I was meaning more for the m+ weekly cache and horrific visions caches, since you can’t get as high ilvl gear from running m+ (which can be uncorrupted) as from the weekly chest (which will always be corrupted unless trinket/azerite). So you’d be forced to use lower ilvl pieces, which still works but undermines the feeling of getting an upgrade.

However, as you say, I do hope that they will make the fix so that we can recorrupt cleansed gear and then this won’t be an issue at all.

The blue post says they didn’t want to delay the vendor until the fix is ready. I think this implies the fix is coming. But at least we can start farming echoes and maybe stocking up on the corruptions that we want, while waiting for the fix. Right now my plan is if I get an upgrade with a garbage corruption, I’ll keep it in the bank without cleansing it, and only cleanse and upgrade it when the fix goes live, which I’m expecting within a week or two. It’s clear Blizz wants this to start as soon as the rep buff ends.