Remove "Taking From Nature" from DF meta achievement

This achievement is highly ridiculous RNG gatekeeper for us to get our good boi! In theory it could take multiple months to get this achievement since the second active fishing hole every week is RNG… I don’t even know when is the last time I saw Grimtusks fishing hole up… Just please remove this from meta or ATLEAST change it so the fishing hole rotates DAILY. This is just idiotic.

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Apparently it used to rotate daily (Based on comments on wowhead). Either make it daily which should increase the chance or remove. this is just ridiculous as is

I send ticket: There are no other active fishing spots and I still don’t have any quests for Grimtusk’s Fishing Hole Net. Last achiv to meta dragonflight and cant complete. Do something about this damn bugged place.

BTW all other was last 3 weeks.

This is the WORST achievement in the game, there is no normal rotation… its just hoping that someday it will be the right one …

ANother week no grimtusk… This has to be bugged 100% Have to report it