Remove the points in legacy world event's achievements


Some achievements in Legacy > World event always gives points.

Specifically the Brawler’s guild achievements. Name of some achievements and for example : “Rumble Club”, “You Are Not The Contents Of Your Wallet” or “I am Thrall’s Complete Lack Of Surprise”.

Another one (in Character section this time) “Epic (Shadowlands)” achievement gives 10 points when “Epic (Battle for Azeroth)” doesn’t give points.

Can you correct this and remove all the points on Legacy section please ?

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How should I know if Blizzard will see this post ?

They Give points only ingame, it wont show in armory or any other 3rd party website like Dataforazeroth. I Currenly have 30 more points ingame compared to my armory for examle, every has it this way for years. And yea they should finnaly fix it ofc.

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In dataforazeroth they was showing points but whatever they solved the problem now ! :smiley: