Renown Cap?

So last week I changed my covenant from Venthyr to Kyrian and immediately started farming renown but It’s stopped at 28, I’ve done some dungeons and an LFR and this week’s world boss quest and callings but none of the above has given me any renown today I tried everything.
So I was wondering if Renown farming has a cap or am I doing something wrong.

Renown catchup slows down as get closer to the cap. It took me ~10 dungeons (a combination of normal, heroic and m+) on my shammy to get from 28 to 29. Then I ran a single key, not even a high one (a +9), and went from 29 to 30. Two more dungeons, and I hit 31.

It’s a bit random, which can be frustrating. But it doesn’t stop until you reach 40. Past experience suggests that a weekly reset usually speeds up renown catchup for a little while again.

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