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I need to swap covenants and i need to catch up on max renown before raid on Monday. I tried googling but guides seem outdated and they only mention alts. So i was wondering what is the best way to farm them per renown bracket? would appreciate the help and thank you

Nothing has changed recently. Dungeon bosses, LFR bosses, Callings, BGs. And catch-up for a Covenant change is the same as catch-up for alts. I believe that Torghast is also viable, though you have to take higher layers as yout Renown increases. AFAIR, Layer 5 will always get you a Renown, though lower layers may also do at lower Renown levels.

Oh, but some things did. For one, you’re able to farm Renown in Torghast, the covenant campaign awards two of it aswell.

As with most things Renown, this depends on how far you’re from the cap. 'till about renown 10, layer 5 will give you one, indeed. You’ll need to go higher after a while. You can start at layer 1 too, but that only lasts a few renown levels, and isn’t significantly faster than layer 5, so not worth the trouble.

Do Torghast 'till about 40, or as long as you can clear a wing within 15 minutes, while it is giving renown. Start at around layer 5, go higher once it stops giving renown. If you’re doing this on your druid, just stealth as much as you can, you don’t need score or anything, just kill the final boss and start again. When I was doing my most recent renown grind, up until layer 7, I was averaging 6 minutes / wing. It became a bit slower after that. But I was doing it on a shaman without stealth… as a druid, you should be considerably faster, since it’s easier to skip, even at higher layers.

Once you’re done with Torghast, do 3 callings (pool them up before switching), that’ll grant you some more renown. Then do the covenant campaign for ~16 renown or so.

If you haven’t completed the weekly 1k anima and Shaping Fate quests, do those as late as possible, since they’re guaranteed Renown, and pretty darn easy and fast.

Between finishing the campaign and reaching cap, spam low keys. Anything between +2 and +5 is fine, the goal is to be fast, so prefer short keys. If you can gather a few guildies or friends to help you with this part, that makes it even faster.

Don’t bother with LFR or PvP, nor normal and heroic dungeons, the renown / hour ratio in those is significantly worse than in low keys.

so i keep doing layer 5 + untill renown 40 then i do the covenant campaign and that stuff?

I haven’t done it myself, but

Best way to farm renown is Torghast level 5 (Almost 100% drop rate)

Tip / Guide

This is particularly good if you are geared and switching covenant, once unlocked the first soulbind, go straight to Torghast and farm from lv1 to lv 22, then your renown should be capped.

Then, do your covenant quest until unlocking the second soulbind, than continue farming Torghast . I am 30 renown again 5 hours after switching covenant.

I personally stopped farming at 32lv, the remaining covenant quests should put at 44lv, then with world bosses, daily and weekly quests, you can get to 50lv, then some M+ should give you max renown again. At the time of the post, the cap is currently 57lv renown

As a shaman, I use ghost wolf to run directly to the floor boss and move to next level immediately. It takes me 6-8 mins per run and give me 1lv of renown every run.

If renown does not drop 2 time straight below 30lv, probably it is capped by main covenant quest progression.

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Pretty much, yes. Do Torghast (increasing the layer, if necessary) until it gives renown, and you can finish a wing faster than a key. Then campaign, calling, +2-5 keys and weeklies if any is still available.

as a resto druid 247 ilevel. What level should i stay farming in torgast? currently im 31 and need to farm to 68

Like I said a few times in this thread: farm the layer which gives renown (at 31, that’s probably be going to be layer 9 or higher), and which you can finish within 15 minutes.

Try layer 9, if it gives renown, and you finished within 15 minutes, do it again, until it no longer gives renown. Then switch to layer 10, and repeat until it gives renown and you finish within 15 minutes. Then switch to layer 11, and so on and so forth. When you reach layer 12 and it stops giving renown, or you reach a layer you can’t finish in 15 minutes, stop doing Torghast, it won’t be worth it at that point.

When you reached that stage, switch to something else: the covenant campaign, callings, low keys and weeklies.

Low keys are not a 100% drop chance on renown?

Haven’t done much, to be honest, so can’t tell. When I grinded renown, I got to 48 by doing Torghast, the covenant campaign, a calling, a +2 and a +5 key. After 48, once I crafted my legendary, I stopped farming, and went into +15-+20 keys, and passively gained the rest. Didn’t pay much attention.

No key is a 100% drop chance. I did 3 in the 14/15 range last night at 55 renown, and I didn’t get a single drop.

Thanks to all that shared their feedback. Thanks to it i was able to farm the needed renown in just 2 days


To be honest just actively play. I returned to wow recently and on my main I was max renown in 2 weeks without focusing on it. M+ and torghast/ LFR definitely helped a lot.

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