Repeating tank problems of shadowlands fated

No tank changes before the awakened season is most likely repeating the problem of shadowlands fated where kyrian DK overshadowed every other tank. No one can really compete with double sigil, that is far stronger than any aoe stops in the game and for some reason does not DR like stuns do. On top of that evokers are the only ones who can add to the gap with opressing roar.

On top of that having two fear sigils, aoe stun, grippy sigil and imprison just feels wildly excessive. What is the point of an awakened season if you do not shake up the meta at all?


If you’re unhappy playing your DH, just play something else. At the level you’re playing it makes absolutely zero difference which class you tank on.


as a completly mediocre tank i had absolutely 0 issue to get all +20 on 3 different tanks this season

didnt see any difference in speed of invites between my VDH / prot pala and guardian druid or in terms of completion of +20 s :slight_smile:

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Why does the meta need to be shaken up?

I play for fun with my friends.

Also, you’re hardly operating at the level where “the meta” matters. I don’t get why people obsess over things that don’t have anything to do with them.

VDH trivializes the hard part mythic plus keys; co-ordinated kicks and stops. It does too much damage, is too tanky (for a healing tank) and has too much control.

Yes, you can do high keys on all specs but some specs, and races, trivialize mechanics way too much.

Ability pruning is off the table for S4 so there needs to be some downward number adjustments to the outliers in M+.

Filler season. There’s no real point on playing S4.

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What are u smoking, highest timed key is +13 currently, last season not this season.

It is good to have filler seasons. I don’t want to return to SOO days. It was awful.

If you learnt how to read dates you’d see they posted it last season.

Well this doesnt make any sense. No matter how trash i am everything just is way easier with a dh tank right now, so it’d affect me more. But thanks for checking up on what content i do, appreciate it.

None of the trash in any dungeon offers anywhere near the same challenge for a group with other tank as it does for vdh.

Next week is fortified and i’d imagine this’ll become more of an issue for anyone who pugs instead of having a regular group, and even if you do, do you want to feel like you’re trolling people you play with?

None of the trash in any dungeon offers any kind of challenge at the level you’re playing, so it’s irrelevant.

Missing the point again, If you have a “low skilled” tank, you want them on a class that’s easier to play than vengeance DH, which has a tendency to get one-shot in the hands of a “low skilled” player.

And if the level im playing at makes tank choice irrelevant what are you doing commenting here.

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If you have a “low skilled” tank, you want them on a class that’s easier to play than vengeance DH, which has a tendency to get one-shot in the hands of a “low skilled” player.

Never really had problems getting invites on my BrM. Not even now. Sure, VDH has too much of everything, but what’s new? They’re getting their nerf and i’m sure, as usual, there will be the odd drama as to how this and that broke the class and spec and how it was actually a ‘decent’ and not a ‘top tier’ tank now that its happened aka the same song and dance of complaints.

I imagine it can be an evident problem, but tank invitations and preferences have been fairly balanced all round this expansion. Which is quite impressive.

Well, this assumes you aren’t playing to the strengths of your class and knowing its weaknesses. VDH clearly answers a lot, but that doesn’t mean the other tanks are suddenly limp-legged and useless.

I love monk tanks. I’d generally invite an appropriately qualified monk over anything else because the people who play it actually know how to play it well. Just a shame there aren’t very many around.

It surprises me that so many people just take whatever is meta “because meta” when there are so many bad players who have chosen to reroll to the meta in hope it will compensate for their weaknesses. A (tank) player who sticks with their class even when it’s considered weak because they love it and they know how to play it well is always going to be better than one who rerolls every season in the hope they’ll have an easier time on the meta class.

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Do you know why they wont complain ? Because majority of vdh wont even notice IT since they dont do pulls big and dancerous enough for this to matter

I woudl Argue that even if they removed sigil of silence miksery and chain from double sigils liek half of VDH wont notice :slight_smile:

For me only important change this expansion was the change to survivability of dhs thfy did this expansion since in S1 dh felt cery very squishy to me

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