Repopulation: Zandalar Tribe opens its gates!

UPDATE: The Horde Guild has now around 100 players (with a few alts included).

There is not a single day that we won’t get around 20 ppl in the guild logged in at the same time.

We have observed activity of players outside the guild too. On peek hours the combined players on /Who are between 30 and 50. (On Horde side).

The ZT DC Server is daily active with interactions from both sides.

Through combined efforts in the Neutral AH, both Factions constantly exchange materials that help with professions.

Horde side is nearing 10 level 60 chars.

Horde side has Dungeon runs of any level range, every night.

Our level 60s constantly participate in PvP action, as our BGs are connected with the rest of the servers.

Greetings, Era Community!

Seeing the huge flow of people coming back to Era and inspired by the tremendous efforts and success of our Firemaw and Pyrewood brothers and sisters,
a handful of us have undertaken the task to repopulate the RPPvP server Zandalar Tribe.

As of now, we have managed to form and gather our numbers into two guilds. One on each faction: Alliance: Recharged Horde: Servers Last Hope

So, who could our server attract?

1) People who wish to start “Fresh”: Our server is empty. Thus, our economy is non-existent, the AH is empty, the need for professions and materials is on its peak, and there are no people who have cleared any raids or ranked up on the PvP ladder. As a result, there are no maxed-out characters.

2) Hydraxian Waterlords RP “outcasts”: We salute the HC Community for all the amazing things they have achieved and the popularity they have sparked
for the Era servers! However, for all the good they have contributed the unfortunate side-effect was that the HC Challenge has created a “hostile” environment for any RPers (or aspiring RPers) on the server. The strict ruleset of the Challenge has created an anti-social environment for any non-HC character. As a result, many RPers have been deprived of the very reasons they started playing on an RP server for and aspiring RPers are getting discouraged to visit the RP scene.

3) Zandalar Tribe “refugees”: That’s a category I can personally relate with. When our server was left to die many of us had to sacrifice the RP part of our initial RPPvP way of enjoying the game. Many of us migrated to the Firemaw cluster, others sought a new experience in the Pyrewood cluster and the last of us had to sacrifice the PvP part to keep the RP part alive by joining the Hydraxian Waterlords server, only to face the problems I mentioned in the paragraph just above.
We wish to invite our scattered brothers and sisters back! Let us rebuild our special home-server. Only WE know how unique the RPPvP experience is!

4) New and returning players: Are the two popular Clusters too overwhelming for you? Does seeing everyone battle-ready and maxed-out intimidate
you? Do you wish you could be one of them, but start on a relaxing pace on equal terms?
Perhaps you might even be interested in experiencing the RP scene, without having to sacrifice your love for PvP. Our server can be the ideal place for you.

No matter what type of player you are or how you wish to enjoy the game on its Era timeline, the Zandalar Tribe server can be your home. We would love to have you with us! And to all of our Firemaw and Pyrewood friends-in-arms: How about rolling an alt on our side when you have nothing better to do or wish to change your pace? You might be surprised!

Thank you all for taking the time to read our post! Happy gaming and (hopefully) see you around!


Thank you for your efforts in reviving our precious server! I stand as one of the officers of the horde guild “Servers last hope” and welcome any new recruits into our ranks. We’ve been seeing a small influx of players lately and it brings me joy to see posts such as this one on the forum. Clearly there are people out there looking for this unique experience. We just have to gather up and enjoy this opportunity together. Should there be any new hordes coming to our server, please contact any officer or leader of the guild “Servers last hope”. As of now those are Annyeong - leader, myself - Juice - officer, Lerroy - officer and Tauro - officer.


Does Servers Last Hope have a discord?
If so, could i get an invite there, just to chat with the hordies. :slight_smile:
My Discord is: Matiska#7497, so please send an invite, if it’s OK.

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I also started my classic journey 2019 on Zandalar Tribe and recently returned. I see more and more Horde jumping around which is really nice.

Would also love to join the Horde guild with my low level Troll rogue and mage. Hope to see you guys soon ingame.


Welcome back! We are looking forward to see you in game!


We grow in numbers and the world is ours! Yeah!


UPDATE: On the Horde side Guild we now have 60 members in total (including a few alts), with around 20 logged in at the same time on peak hours.

In addition, we have seen activity of players on the early levels, that are not in the guild.

Over the last 2 weeks we have managed to form groups for almost any dungeon of any given level bracket.

Zandalar is coming back to life!


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