Report = ignore

There’s people that spam BS and profanity etc like always.
But once you report 'em you slap them on ignore - even if you don’t want to.
And when they later want to come trade or buy stuff from you, they are ignored and you can’t remove the ignore.

What’s the deal here? Not report people? haha

Everyone is reporting everyone. Every dungeon I run, if someone leaves before even getting to the first boss or leaving at the last, they destroy the key and waste many players time and lives. But Blizzard counts on lives that are wasted because they have nothing else to do. There is no real system that would prevent trolls, narcisissistic ego maniacs, from making the game hateful. The report, even for language doesn’t work. I had someone I reported once because he was swearing the entire time…"mother’s, grandmother’s, genitals, sexual occupations and etc… I saw the guy playing like nothing happened to him, many more times. I have seen people banned for nothing! The greatest problem is probably that all the egomaniacs, are top players and probably friends with Devs, GMs, and maybe Blizzard. Blizzard can see that they took action, even if they didn’t. You would never know. I will be probably be banned for what I am writing here. Of course, we live in the age of the loss of Free Speech and the return of the “Fantasy Logic and the Death of Real Science!”

I’ve been contemplating the issue of losing free speech in online games, and I’m definitely on the same page as many of you. The current state of the report system seems a bit flawed and, at times, counterproductive. While it aims to prevent toxicity, the execution often feels like it’s hindering the overall gaming experience.

I believe there’s a genuine need to address inappropriate behavior, and those who engage in truly toxic communication should be subject to investigation. However, the current system of instant reporting leading to an immediate ignore without any chance of reversal feels a bit excessive in my opinion.

It appears that some players are overusing the report system, and the consequence is that the player base continues to shrink. Finding a balance between maintaining a positive and inclusive environment and allowing for free expression of opinions is crucial.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on potential improvements or adjustments to the report system. How can we strike a balance that promotes a healthy gaming community without stifling individual expression? If any Blizzard representatives are monitoring this discussion, your insights into the philosophy behind the current system and any planned improvements would be highly valuable.

Let’s engage in a constructive dialogue to work towards a system that ensures a positive gaming experience for everyone.

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