Report Premade ashran vs ramdoms 08-01-2022 20:48

No losses on enemy side.
Alot of russians.
Far to ogeniced for a ramdom.
No chance to win wat so ever.

Request blizzard to give russians own server.

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stop hating on russian players, it has nothing to do with it. and according to premades you just have to live with it, grow up and stop whining.


Long long time ago , although nowadays I only farm gold from farming mounts for a boosting community. I was suddenly met with them in Epic BG with random epic BG queue. My friend told me you are in a premade.

I said; no 2 people right now. Then I linked him our group. He said ah ok.

Unless you aim the community itself , with an epic bg team you cant do much just so you know.

Also there are games like new world so on which I play 6 hours a day daily last 7+ months. If you tried these games , it would be better option near wow as well.

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