Repost of Bard concept with Spec and abilities 🎻 (long read)

DISCLAIMER(All number are simply to get an idea of the intent of the buff/debuff, all subject to balancing as most things are so don’t mind them too much)

New Class: Bard (Minstrel)

Armor class: Leather

Weapons: One handed(mace,sword,axe), Off-Hand, Instrument(ranged slot), dagger, polearm, staff

Ressource: Energy (Mana)

Specs (role;classification):

  • Dissonance (dps;melee) :crossed_swords:
  • Rythm (Support;caster) :handshake:
  • Harmony (Healer; Hybrid) :sparkles:

Class Abilities:

These are simply the base abilities of the class to get a idea of what I intended with each spec.

  • Build up
    After every use of an ability you gain a stack of Build up granting and aditional 1% dmg increase, this effect is stackable (max 5 Stacks). All stacks are consumed on use of Chorus.
    :crossed_swords: → each stack of Build up also increases the damage done of your next Chorus by 10%.
    :handshake: → each stack of Build up also increases the damage done of your next Chorus by 5%.
    :sparkles: → each stack of Build up increases the the dmg done by Echo by 10% for 15s.
  • Echo
    An Echo resonates from the target
    :crossed_swords: → bleeds the target for X dmg every 2 secs, if the target with Echo is hit with another ability that applies Echo, the bleed detonates for its full duration dmg and applies Feel the Music to the caster. (duration 10s)
    :handshake: → debuffs the target, reducing damage done by 2%, if the target with Echo is hit with another ability that applies Echo, the debuff detonates , refreshing the duration and reducing the targets damage by an additional 1% and applies Feel the Rythm to the caster. (duration 10s)
    :sparkles: → bleeds to target for Y dmg(more than X), if the target with Echo is hit with another ability that applies Echo, the bleed is sonsumed and restores 2% max mana to the caster
  • Minor Ballad
    (1s/instant; 20 Energy; 30ft/melee)
    Play your instrument in a light tune dealing X dmg
    :crossed_swords: → applies a Echo to the target
    :handshake: → dmg reduced by Y, applies Echo to the target
    :sparkles: → dmg reduced by Z (more than Y), applies Echo to the target
  • Major Ballad
    (1s/instant; 20 Energy; 30ft/melee)
    Play your instrument dealing X dmg and empowering Echo on the target, if there is no Echo on the target, applies Echo to the target.
    :crossed_swords: → if Echo is on the target, refreshes the duration and detonates the Echo causing the detonation damage to be AoE in a radius and applies Echo to all enemies hit
    :handshake: → if Echo is on the target, detonate the Echo for X dmg on the target, and grants Feel the Rythm to up to 2 allies in a 30ft radius in addition to the caster, avoiding the allies with Feel the Rythm applied on them
    :sparkles: → if Echo is on the target, empower Echo bleed damage (unsure on the amount), and applies Feel the Beat to all allies within a 30ft radius of the caster.
  • Chorus
    (instant; 30 Energy; 10s cooldown; 2 Charges; melee)
    Resonate with the heart of those around you, causing an effect in a 10ft radius around you.
    :crossed_swords: → deal X dmg to enemies around you, if Echo is on the affected target, detonate Echo for additional AoE dmg within a 10ft radius originating from the affected target, restore 5 Energy per target hit. If Echo is not on the target, applies Echo to all affected targets. If more than 3 enemies are hit apply Feel the Music to caster.
    :handshake: → deal X dmg to enemies around you, if Echo is on the affected target, refresh Echo duration and affected target takes additional X dmg, if Echo is not on the affected target apply Echo to all effected targets. Applies Feel the Rythm to all allies within the affected radius, if the affected target has Feel the Rythm refresh it’s duration and double the given buff. All allies within range gain 5% additional movespeed for each stack of Build up consumed.
    :sparkles: → deal X dmg to enemies around you, apply Echo to all targets or refreshes duration of Echo on all affected targets. Heal all allies within the affected radius for X amount and apply Feel the Beat or refresh Feel the Beat on all affected allies. All allies within range are healed and additional X hp for each stack of Build up for each stack of build up consumed.
  • Healing Word
    (1s; 30 Energy/X mana; 30ft)
    Heal a friendly Target for X health with a soothing word.
    :handshake: → applies Feel the Rythm to affected target
    :sparkles: → applies Feel the Beat to the affected target, if the affected target already has Feel the Beat, spread Feel the Beat to 2 nearby allies within a 30 ft radius.
  • Dissonent Whisper
    Interupt the enemies current cast
    :crossed_swords: → if Dissonent Whisper succesfully cancels a cast, apply Feel the Music to the caster and restore 20 Energy
    :handshake: → if Dissonent Whisper succesfully cancels a cast, apply Feel the Rythm to the caster and restore 20 Energy
    :sparkles: → if Dissonent Whisper succesfully cancels a cast, restore 15% of the casters max mana
  • Star of the Show
    (instant/2s; 30 Energy/Mana; 10/30ft; 3 min cooldown)
    The Bard puts on his best performance
    :crossed_swords: → Consume all stacks of Feel the Music to deal massive AoE dmg(dependant on number of stacks consumed) in a 10ft radius and leaves behind a temporary rythm in the floor dealing periodic aoe dmg every second for 5s, applying and refreshing Echo on all affected targets. Increasing all dmg by 15% for 15 sec and for every Echo applied during this duration storing additional dmg to the targets, detonating when the duration of Star of the Show ends.
    :handshake: → Breath in, consuming all Echo within a 30ft radius, after the 2s charged cast, release a aoe radius stun dealing a large amount of damage (dependant on how many Echo consumed) and reapplying Echo to all affected targets and applying Feel the Rythm to all allies in range.
    :sparkles: → Consume all Feel the Beat stacks around you in a 30ft radius, all Feel the Beat abilities consumed heal their full duration before being consumed, to unleash a empowering shout after the 2s cast dealing a Wave of Healing, applying Feel the Beat to all affected allies in the 30 ft range, and X dmg to all enemies in range, applying Echo to every affected enemy.

Spec Abilities/Passives:


  • Feel the Music
    Empower the affected target, all dmg increased by 3%, this effect is stackable (max 5 stacks; 10s duration)
  • Vicious Mockery
    (instant; 20 Energy; 30ft; 1min cooldown)
    String a sentence of harmfully laced insults toward your enemy, deal X dmg, if the caster has under 3 Stacks of Feel the Music, the targeted enemy becomes feared for 3s, if the caster has over 3 Stacks of Feel the Music, the enemy target instead take a large amount of single target dmg and becomes stunned for 2s.
  • How about a Kiss
    (instant; 30 Energy; 10ft; 30s cooldown)
    Seduce your target, luring them in with a kiss, before shattering their mind dealing a large amount of dmg, enemy target is seduced for 0,5s.
    !Requirement for this ability, the caster has 3 or more stacks of Feel the Music, these stacks are consumed on use of How about a Kiss!
  • Beat Drop
    (3s; 40 Energy; 10ft radius; 45s cooldown)
    One use, Beat Drop explodes Echo within radius, dealing massive single target dmg. Beat Drop has a 2% chance , per consume/empower/proc of Echo, to cost no Energy and become instant cast, losing it’s cooldown.


  • Feel the Rythm
    Empower the affected target, increasing dmg done by 2%, this effect is stackable(max 3 stacks; 12.5s duration)
  • Tempo
    (Passive;5s cooldown)
    Your music has a beautiful rythm, for every ability used gain 1 stack of Tempo, increasing your haste by 2% and you regain X Energy every 2 seconds(X=Stacks of Tempo), this effect stacks, at 10 stacks, all stacks are consumed and you gain Lethal Tempo.
  • Lethal Tempo
    (Passive/instant; 0 Energy; buff/25ft radius; 1 min cooldown)
    Gain 20% bonues movespeed, haste and 40 Energy/30% max mana, for the next 5 seconds your abilities inspire allies around you in a radius granting them 1 stack of tempo for each ability used.
  • To be or not to be
    (Passive/3s; 40 Energy; 5min cooldown)
    You target a nearby ally, if that ally dies, you ressurect them with your music automatically. If ressurected the target gains max stacks of Feel the Rythm and Lethal Tempo.(30min duration)
  • Decrescendo
    (instant; 20 Energy; self-buff; 1min cooldown)
    You mute all noises around you, taking 20% less damage from all sources and if caster is hit by an enemy, the enemy’s damage is reduced by an additional 1% and they lose 1% of their haste for every ability used against the caster during this duration.(8s duration)


  • Feel the Beat
    (instant; X mana; 30ft)
    Heal the affected target for X every second, for every tick of healing restore 1% max mana to Bard that casted it, this effect is stackable(max 2 stacks).
  • Freedom Chord
    (instant; X Mana; 15ft radius; 15s cooldown)
    Cleanse target, if Freedom Chord succesfully cleansed an effect, the affected targets are heald for 5% max health and gain 30% movespeed for 3s.
  • Dancing Lights
    (1s; X mana; 15ft radius; 15s cooldown)
    Cause flashing Lights to appear in a given radius, determined by the caster within a 20ft radius, healing all allies inside for X health and dealing X dmg to all enemis affected, beeding them for X dmg every 2s for 8s after the initial dmg.
  • Animate Instrument
    (0.5s; X mana, Toggle, 15s cooldown)
    You animate a instrument of your choise onto a target, for every healing ability used on allies, your animated instrument strums a violent chord dealing 30% of your healing done as damage.(30s duration)
  • Encore
    (1s ; X mana; 10ft radius; 15s cooldown)
    You charm your enemies nearby, dealing X dmg and charming them for 0.5s. If affected enemies have Echo on them, detonate echo for their full bleed duration, and gain 3% max mana(minimum gained mana 10%) for each detonated Echo. Can be cast while moving.

Tier Sets
h ttps://
I think you could take your pick of any of these styles just a reference of course, but just so you understand th epossible Ideas for tier sets.(Can’t use the proper link because trust lvl go brrr)

So this is just the absolute base Idea, I will edit this post in the near future but for now I would love to hear your thoughts on this as a base concept for a class to play around.

No, I want my tinkerer class first >:(


Evoker is a rpg bard, it has a healer caster and buffer specs already.
Evoker is the bard you are getting.

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I’m patiently waiting to make a Gnome/Mechagnome Tinker.

playwise possibly, but I do enjoy the fantasy of it, and not only is evoker not that fantasy, of the current available classes I would consider it the furthestt away from the said fantasy

Sorry, but I just don’t enjoy the fantasy of such a class in a videogame.
In a tabletop RPG it’s another matter though.

Also this:

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I mean there isn’t a ranger class since Hunter doesn’t fully fulfill the class fantasy of that, but as in gameplay it is close enough.
Also can be said as a lightning spec mage shaman is the same but it is different, not a lighting mage.
There is a lot of rpg specs that are not in the game and I think bard will just be evoker with different animations

It does not fully represent the fantasy, but it does represent a fair amount of it and with minimal effort you could be enjoying the ranger vibes.

This one I agree with more as you are right this isn’t really playable as a lightning mage, but it does still have robes and can be made to look like a mage but you are right here ,it’s harder.

I’m sorry but here it is night and day between he two, I can see how the specs will have some things in common becaue well dps specs all focus on dps and supports focus on buffing, but the specs pitched are from what I posted not really comparable to evoker because I extra wanted to have a distinct playstyle with the echos and dettonating them.

Also as far as visuals go, it’s night and day from a literal dragon that flies across the battlefield with their breaths and a person with an instrument lacing their words with spells, it’s not hard to make them feel similar it’s impossible, which is why playstyle wise I get the argument but even there it’s definitely possible for bards to get a distinct playstyle of their own.

Also tinker is way more into warcraft lore. Bard is off there. Having to many classes already.
Or add a 3rd spec into demon hunter, or add to more specs to have 4 specs. Bard can be fitted there.

have you tried it in bg3? sorry for necro reply.

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I have, but I wasn’t a fan of that game overal.
And that’s coming from someone who’s played table top D&D for years.

I don’t like games where you control a group. I like to play a single character; to me THAT is roleplaying. Controlling an entire party is ‘management’ or ‘sim’ type of gameplay.

If it had the option to just let your party ‘do their thing’ (like Dragon Age did) and you had the choice to micromanage your party; that would’ve been better.

But anyway… That was me going on a tangent, sorry. That wasn’t your question; yes I tried it and no I didn’t like it either.

I will add though that this is specifically for videogames. I like bards in table top D&D just fine, for instance.

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I really hope we get more non hero classes like bards, tinker/artificer, etc

This, yes.

I would actually do tanking if they did a tinker with a mech suit tank spec

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