Reputation? what it is?


So i know that it unlocks some stuff in the shops, like mounts or bags, anything else that it does? also how do you get it, besides questing? also is there anything that i could check to see what reputation unlocks? like i’ve became… something idk what with darnassus and i got a cool 16 slots bag from a random shop and it said i had to have a certain reputation rank. I’m pretty sure im missing on basically every reputation reward in the game, so a site or something that will tell me “CONGRATS YOU HAVE BECAME REVERED WITH DARNASSUS NOW U CAN BUY THIS MOUNT FROM THAT VENDOR AND THAT BAG FROM THE OTHER ONE” etc. would be really useful

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You can always see what items and things you can get from a reputation if you find their quartermaster NPC.


Wowhead should be able to tell you who the quartermaster is and what they sell (including at what levels of reputation). Googling almost anything wow-related will bring you to wowhead :slight_smile:


Each level of reputation Honored, revered etc gives you a discount towards items bought from vendors of that faction.
For example, if you are exalted with Orgrimmar. It’s cheaper to buy flying there than at the flying trainer in Thrallmar in Outland.

As for getting reputation.
It varies depending on the faction, Some you can get only through quests. Others only by killing mobs.
The most important reputations generally have easy and accessible ways of obtaining it.

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Your all answer you might find at

Just Google like stormwind(or whatever rep you wanna know about) rep wowhead.

You can also find about quests you will get stuck also.

Kinda all in one solutions - even veteran players using those site for knowledge when they get stuck.

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To add to this, An overview of all rewards and reps available is given here:

Although if I were you, I wouldn’t worry too much about reputations while leveling (especially not the old expansion ones), while some of the rewards are nice to have (and mounts stay nice forever), by the time you get the required reputation, better items are available.




  1. the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.
  • a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic.

“his knowledge of fish-sticks earned him a reputation as an expert”

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