Request for Blizzard


Hey Blizzard.

Could you make it possible to change SPACE with one of the function keys like SHIFT CTRL etc…

That way people who like to jump with SHIFT can play wow.

It is really hard to change the way I play for over 20 years for one game. Im sure there are more people in my situation, maybe even people with pinky dissabilities would then be able to play wow…

Would this be possible with an addon maybe?

(Trovlak) #2

I thought you could already rebind all the keys, with the in-game options.

(Shammoz) #3

^ This.

(Ananda) #4

Click on the red ? then, the sixth option in the list is Key Bindings. Click on that and you can change any of the bindings

(Dottie) #5

I can confirm this works. Mine seems to be set to number pad 0 too.


I mean for in classic, does that also work??? Oh i really hope so :smiley: :smiley:

(Trovlak) #7

I would imagine so, I do recall there being keybinding configuration in “classic” the first time around, when it was “retail”.

(Dottie) #8

I can’t log in to check but I’m sure it’s on pirate vanilla realms. I just did a google search on it.