Request free character migration from Shazzrah

Yes, please open free transfer to get out of Shazzrah to a higher population server.

The game on Shazzrah is not playable as it used to be since the multiplayer aspect of WoW is more or less gone. Pugs are not an option, teaming up to quest with others is not an option, leveling is not an option. Many people have invested in the game, with multiple characters. The few left on the realm, if lucky enough on a guild that has an intact 25man team, just raidlog for 1 raid night per week at best.

Simply put, all this is far from the game experience expectation any subscriber has.

Shazzrah, being a PVP realm, has been bleeding to its current “dead” state for quite a few months now. First, the Allies quit; frankly, the PVP aspect is gone as Shazrah does not differ from any other PvE realm. Being a Horde player myself, I haven’t seen an ally in the open world for months now. Then the Horde left… Many friends quit, competitive guilds migrated, pug raids ceased to exist.

WoW is not an enjoyable game anymore, as it simply does not deliver fun as promised. Blizzard, do the right thing, just fix things, please use common sense. Thanks in advance.

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A lot of people with multiple alts will most likely just unsubscribe when the server becomes unplayable. Free transfer is a good chance to keep them interested in game and not be disappointed in the attitude of Blizzard towards their players.


You cannot get a dungeon group going on Shazz and its been like that for weeks now. Even trying to muster any group for anything is basically a 9hour process if youre lucky. Seeing an Alliance player is a miracle.

Give the players a forum to play the game they pay for Blizz, its time you offered free tranfers for Shazzrah just like you did for all the other dieing realms.


I totaly agree. I just transfered one of my characters from there just to be able to play the game.


Let me out! I can’t even find groups for dungeons.


Yes, please make free transfer available from Shazzrah. It is a dead server by now.


I second this as a member of Zandalar Tribe. It’s time we get a new wave of free transfers cus a lot of realms have diminished since last time. Last time these servers weren’t considered eventhough they would have with the state they’re in rn. Let’s go blizzard, do the right thing and open up free transfers again.


Shazzrah is dead, open free transfers from it.


Yes please.


For the love of god release us from Shazzrah. The server pop has almost halved in the span of a week. For Gods sake Blizzard can you please let us enjoy the game that we are paying for instead of this crap?


Oh my! From 1667 to 970 in a week… That is drastic…

yeah realm sadly dead af. please help

Would be nice to see a response from a community manager or a dev.

Fix it!

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Blizzard allo?

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My subscription stops in 4 days. Not planning to pay 250 to transfer all my toons and not planning to renew my subscription to play on a dead server so I will check these forums to see if free transfers are available.
If people keep paying for transfers, Blizz won’t change.


Dear Blizzard, you force us to:

  1. Empty our banks and mails
  2. Split our gold to transfer it
  3. Change our characters’ names
  4. Change our guilds’ names
  5. Transfer our guild banks…

You ask for 25 euros per character while your Shazzrah customers still pay monthly subscriptions for a game that is unplayable on this server as intended, on an empty server, unable to group or raid. Would that bad experience ever be included in WoW advertisements? Like “Join the WoW community and have fun, but you may end up stranded and have to pay us more to transfer you”? I think not.

It is quite absurd we have to pay to transfer away from a handicap service you cannot deliver as promised…

The only decent thing you could do is offer free transfers on Shazzrah. The 5 impact points laid out above (and maybe more) cannot be avoided anyhow. Asking for money on top is gonna be the last drop for many…


100% agree

Day 43.

I still haven’t found a group to Razorfen Kraul. Rations are running low and my mind is starting to play tricks on me; I almost died to a pack of Quilboar after mistaking them for fellow players.

Please send aid, my time is running out.

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