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Hello everybody, I was taking a flightpath to the Undercity when I noticed that there was a ‘request stop’ button that definitely wasn’t there earlier. Do you think this is a ‘QoL’ change that they’ve added? I think it should be removed.

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So it is!

It certainly wasn’t there in vanilla. You had to relog to get kicked off the flight point at the next stop.

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There’s only like one flight master per zone … seems a bit redundant to have a request stop button

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It was added since everyone would just logout to stop between points anyway so they said they might as well just put the button in. No offense but it really ain’t that big of a deal.


Blizzard adds a QoL feature from modern wow that is non intrusive and doesn’t impact gameplay
Someone asks for it to be removed

Are you flipping serious? Don’t ask them to remove something good just because it was missing back in 2004. That’s just brainless.


After some time, I’m fairly sure most except the most die-hard purists will be wanting at least a few QoL back. Nothing silly, like account-shared mounts at 20, or player-directed flying, of course - we got BfA for that - just relatively straightforward things, like an anvil when you mouseover a merchant that can repair.


The issue starts when all of those things have been added, then what ? There will be masses that will yell about other things - that might not be all that QoL related.

I like to read through this list, just to see some of the silliness that is still a part of the game. And left in for a reason.


If it doesn’t impact gameplay why do you need it?


If I remember correctly the menus took up your whole screen, and was not seethrough. Do you want to revert back that too?


Because quality of life stuff is exactly that, good to have… I don’t NEED a car irl, but I sure do like to have one.


I personally do not like this feature being included and would be happy for it to be removed or an option to disable.


If you followed the development of Classic you would already know why this is in—it is because you could do it in Vanilla by logging out!


True, there’s always a chance of a slippery slope happening. I’m not saying that these things should be implemented, just that after a while, those of us who came to the game later than Vanilla will be missing some of the things that were added later.


It was there in beta :grinning:


It was not there in Classic.


They made a post on this. The reason they added it is because you can get the same result by logging in and out. Hence, instead of fixing this exploit(not vannila) they made it a feature.

Move on.

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I ran around for nearly 20 minutes wondering why I couldn’t repair :man_facepalming: boy was my face red


This ^

Blizz has acknowledge this wasn’t in vanilla, however, people just logged out to force it anyway so Blizz kept it…keep your eyes opened for more bugs and submit them in-game.


This is not really “added”. It’s a feature that is part of the modern client that they didn’t spend time to remove. It is in fact as you say a custom QoL change and I don’t like that but it doesn’t affect gameplay or the vanilla experience (you could do the same in vanilla by relogging) so I can let it slide.

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