REQUIREMENTS for Unlock allies races are stupid

I have unlocked 80% of reputation, have more achivments points than many of others users on forum, over 400 days played on my main. And still I must doing alt in other fraction, where I don’t have any friend, I don’t knwo any one and msut sit there for few months to grind stupdi reputation to unlock mount on my main character.

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I have to disagree with you on this. I dont see Tehuwo saying any of this - I see him simply saying that there were terms and conditions that were stated when people purchased BFA and that to earn the trust of a new race you have to work at it.

I dont see him saying ‘mine, mine, mine’ I see that coming from you. Anything good is worth working for, dont you think?

You can solo normal dungeons on most classes, I did it on this warrior to get Motherlode first boss weapon. Can get a friend to make it easier.

You knew it was coming 6mnds ago, so you had plenty of time to prepare yourself.

Jesus christ at least read the thread. What about people who come now, who didn’t have 6 months? Some people…


It’s more to do with this topic being posted about 3-4 times a week and no one follows the rules on posting.

That’s where the term “ALLIED Races” come in. Factions we meet in the narrative who’s trust we have to earn from a storyline perspective. Although at the end of the day they are just glorified sub-races and an existing version of the same race is already playable in WoW the moment you log in. Races are cosmetic, no matter how you argue the opposite.

I definitely have empathy as I too have a friend that started playing WoW as a new player and understood the requirements and conditions that Blizzard have set. In the case of all Allied Races they were announced months before they actually released. She was content working towards those instead of getting everything straight away because she was also just excited to see what WoW had to offer.



I found that if i started out without setting a time target for getting it done, then It just happened. Then there is the DM faire that really helped and contracts. I enjoyed playing with my alliance char because of this. And now I find im playing horde less.

Well that worked because they weren’t out, you didn’t have to hurry, but if you bought BFA to play a kul’tiran, and they were out, and you had to farm for 1-2 months just so you can play them, would pretty much suck.

“Hey you finished the storyline, helped us in all ways possible, but you gotta do WQs for month or two more”

“Yeah but I helped save Bora…-”

“Do the WQs, month or two”

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It’s not stupid as long as the content is still relevant.

Now if you pre-order (or buy the premium version of) the next expansion, not only will you get a free level 120 boost but all races unlock.

Blizzard should pay me for this.

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  1. Every Man for Himself

Humans can shake off debilitating stun effects.

  1. Diplomacy

The straightforward and outspoken humans tend to get along well with other races and gain their trust with relative ease.

So that is cosmetic skill?

And I still cannot play Pandaren Druid, so I must grind Kultirans to make a Druid.


Wouldn’t that be your own fault? You are responsible for being informed about what you purchase. It’s like the droves of players who complained when the first four ARs came out and claimed not to know that conditions applied to play them even if you pre-ordered BFA whereas the announcement they had requirements had been known for some time.

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I think you’re labelling this the way you want to.

Let’s take a step back and ask why they couldn’t have been released as a character with no rep grinds, but instead a quest chain.

Or perhaps an unlockable for beating x raid?

I’m not saying rep grinding is a bad thing, I just think Blizzard are very poor at designing the way you do it.

As I said I don’t personally mind it, but it would be nice to see Blizzard take a different approach for unlocking a race/races.

It mixes it up a bit and would also benefit the player as well as Blizzard.


Yes, but even returning players don’t expect it to take 1-2 months of WQs farming to unlock a race, we all know reputations took less than a week for most expansions, but suddenly 1-2 months, just to play a new featured race.

There he said it. I was replying to post he wrote to me. He was making imagenary image or posters who disagree with you when none of them have actually said that thing. That is just what it sounds to him. And that is what i was pointing out.

Also if you read my original post here i was not even asking anything for myself i was just saying i used to think like many who oppose this but after i saw a friend coming back to wow and then again quitting because of the new limitations, that i changed my mind. That i understand why he left.

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This is just utter BS and you know it, ppl have been asking for stuff to do for ages and now they gave us something to work for and the reward? Allied Races.

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I read your post and my statement still stands :slight_smile:

Waiting for new WQs day after day for 1-2 months doesn’t count as content, it’s dragging it on and making players unhappy for no good reason. If you make a quality game, you don’t need such lowly tactics to keep people playing.


Just give tabars to get that reputation faster, or boosters like in Pandaria!


It sounds like phone game with microtransactions. But do you play on phone?