Rerolling (A) - How is the H/A ratio here?

Hi guys and girls and everyone else,

I’ve been looking for a new realm to call home and since I’ve leveled a Horde Priest to 60 on a regular PvP realm; I’ve gotten the urge for something different.

I’m definitly rolling Alliance since, again, I’m looking for a fresh experience, I was just wondering 1 to 2 things…

  1. How is the Horde/Alliance population ratio here? I would not be surprised if Horde is a tad outnumbered and I am sorry I will be rolling Alliance then. But say a 65/35 split or something along those lines would turn me off a little bit.

  2. Slightly easier to answer, and I am pretty sure I know the answer already but; From your experience, what classes are highly needed and perhaps very underrepresented? I can take a guess of course, and I will most likely be right but I would really love to hear from the community of this seemingly lovely server!

Thank you in advance for reading and see you soon!
Kind regards, Sarang

  1. Last I heard, it was something along 60:40, with the majority being alliance. Maybe more towards the alliance, but as this is a PvE server and both populations seem to be in a healthy state, I don’t think there would be any problem with playing an Alliance character if that’s what you want.

  2. Seeing as you expressed interest in playing Alliance… from what I know, Warlocks and Holy Paladins (whatever Paladins there are, most seem to be heavily into Retribution and DPS). Maybe also Druids. It’s pretty rare to meet a Paladin healer. If you are curious about which races are underrepresented, then it’s the gnomes, with dwarves being slightly ahead. Most people seem to play Humans or Night Elves, unsurprisingly.

~550 Alliance and ~200 Horde

don’t expect a merge or transfers to this server anytime soon

Where do you even get this data? They intentionally broke the gathering of said data


Yeah but they restricted /who scanning so you will never get an accurate number with the cooldown

You can now transfer by using the paid character transfer service in the in game shop, to this realm.

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