Research Report:Adaptive Alloys - not account wide?

Am I wrong in thinking this was supposed to be account wide? (It is not currently)

What is the point in it if it is not? My main does not need 226 items, my alts do!

(for those that don’t know it is an item purchasable at tier 6 and renown 61 in Korthia that allows the Korthia items to be upgraded to 226)


No, Sadly it is NOT accountwide.

I doubt many of us would disagree with you.


So it’s DoA as an item to the majority of players

I don’t see the point of the item at all. If someone got their character to Tier 6, it’s quite likely they don’t need the upgrades… it would be our alts that need it most.

Sadly Blizzard does not seem to agree.


Was really looking forward to get my alts some upgrades, after a few weeks of farming relics on some alts but i guess not. I guess this will fix the server lagg, when people stop playing there alts in Korthia :crazy_face:

Same got my main to 61 this morning and went and got the item. Switched to an alt and ‘nothing’. My fault for thinking that ‘AN ALT FRIENDLY’ expansion would be that…

It is just another thing to add to the list of stupidity…if only they played their own game :frowning_face:

It is not as if it is ‘free loot’ It will still take a while on an alt to farm enough Research to get the items to 226 (220 to 226 is 2K a time)

I’m doing the Legion Order Hall campaign on my Priest just now. Hit the part where you need to do a (tough) Mission Table adventure. My followers aren’t leveled or geared but I remembered tehre were Nethershard items for doing this. Went and bought them on my main. The 880 powerlevel item is account wide. The chest of follwer equipment and the tome of xp aren’t. I set off the mission at 80% so fingers crossed but WTF is one catch up item account wide and the other two not? It makes no sense logically…

Korthia gear is for people who do world content as their main means of progression. It’s pathetic, yes. Could’ve been useful as catchup gear, but… it’s not, because of arbitrary restrictions.

Given that only 10% of the playerbase raids and a bit more does m+, I would say for the majority it is useful.

I don’t believe that for a second (I know certain YTs have ‘proved’ it.) Just inspecting people in Kothia this morning almost all were over 225 in fact many were way over that.

The people that are playing are doing content, otherwise how can they be over 225?

My point is those that have done Kothia and are now Tier 6 are in the majority way over 226 and this item is useless.

Of course there are other players who do not clear the area every day, the item is useless to them as well, they cannot access it.

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