Reset select target cursor or disable cast for all unspecified targets (help needed)

Hi i need help making a macro that works like this:

  1. mouseover cast (only on group member - party, raid, instance…)
  2. cast on target (only on group member - party, raid, instance…)
  3. dont cast on anything else, dont allow to select target with the grey or blue outlined cursor

Im trying to make this macro for Blessing of Sacrifice, here are the problems:
a) if i mouseover myself the cursor turns to “select target” cursor (see #3)
b) if i target player outside of my raid the cursor turns to “select target” cursor
c) if the group member is offline the cursor turns to “select target” cursor

the reason i dont want to ever get the “select target” cursor:
if you press the keybind in situations (a,b,c), it locks you out of using the keybind on the correct target (1,2) until you right click to cancel/left click.

things ive tried:
#showtooltip Blessing of Sacrifice
/cast [@mouseover, party, exists] [@target, party, exists] Blessing of Sacrifice

the above doesnt work for targets in different raid group and it also shows the “select target” cursor when the target was offline. however, it doesnt trigger the problem of self mouseover

#showtooltip Blessing of Sacrifice
/cast [@mouseover, raid, exists] [@target, raid, exists] Blessing of Sacrifice

the above shows “select target” cursor, on self mouseover, unsure about other problems like offline target

possible solutions?
1) somehow cancel the “select target” cursor first in the macro
2) prevent the cast from going on any wrong targets


#showtooltip Blessing of Sacrifice
/cast [@mouseover, raid] [@target, raid] Blessing of Sacrifice

You can only test if @unit is helpful, harmful, dead or alive. You cannot test if they’re a specific unit (this includes testing if they’re in your group etc.)
This at least will prevent the macro from falling back and casting on yourself if your target dies mid press.

/cast [mod:alt,@player] [@mouseover,help,nodead] [@target] Blessing of Sacrifice

party and raid above test if you are in a party or raid.

every source i checked says youre wrong, the conditional party/raid checks if the target is in the party/raid. (also my own testing suggests that, party conditional worked in raid as long as target was in the same group, stopped working after moving target to different group)

Sorry for the slow reply, took longer than expected to get around to testing this.

You are indeed correct about party and raid. I was mistaking them for group:party and group:raid.

Looks like raid returns true if the player is in a party or raid (I haven’t tested instance group). So the following should do what you want:

/cast [@mouseover,raid,nodead] [@target,raid] [@none] Blessing of Sacrifice

Oh, looks like you solved it already :slight_smile:

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