Resolution Scale - doesn't work as intended

(Aurai) #1

Resolution Scale is designed so that the game engine can render the scene at either a lower or higher resolution than is output on screen. This is to either (1) Improve game performance by rendering the scene at a lower resolution; (2) reduce aliasing and improve graphics quality by oversampling at the cost of performance.

The issue with Resolution Scale in WoW, is that it doesn’t actually improve performance when using a lower resolution scale - well, not for me. I’m currently using an RTX 2060, which should be flying to the moon on 1280x720 rendering resolution. It does not.

Whether using 3840x2160 or 1280x720, I am getting the same 44-47 FPS stood in Zuldazar. 720p should be running at a much higher framerate, no matter what other graphics quality settings are set to (shadows, lighting, ssao, AA). Resolution Scale being set to 33% should equate to a potential performance increase of ~900%. In all other games, this is the case. WoW seems to be different with respect to how Resolution Scale works.

Small Rant
Ever since the removal of dedicated Fullscreen mode, performance has been diminshed. Since reducing Resolution Scale doesn’t affect performance any amount, I’m stuck as to what to do, other than dramatically reduce all other settings and squeeze another 10-15 frames per second out of them. This workaround works, but it’s not ideal. There’s still the issue that Resolution Scale is not making any difference when set to a lower resolution.

Thanks for reading.