Resto druid - Retri pala looking for guild

Hi m8s!
I main two characters a resto druid Sageforest - Character ( and a retri pala Sagesong - Character ( Im looking for a serious guild who is raiding 2 ideally 3 times per week. Because i consider my self serious, i expect from the guild 1st) to be fair for everyone meaning that i dont like to see gm or officers promoting friends if they dont deserve it 2nd) i expect from everyone and especially from gm and officers to follow the rules from the guild (cause for me rules are rules and then is chaos) 3rd) I like the idea to build a community and help each other, so its nice if guild members like to go with m+ with other guild mates etc. My id is Orion#24398 feel free to add me and talk to me in game.
Thank you for your time

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