Resto sham LF M+ team/raiding guild for 9.2

Hey all! I’ve recently returned to the game and I’m looking for a home in 9.2
Personally I’m more interested in a solid team to push keys with, but raiding would be a great bonus.
I managed to get pretty close to 2.2K in the first couple weeks of season 2, however I got burnt out due to a lack of a solid group of players. I also have some contextually decent healing logs from SoD HC which are no doubt now kinda irrelevant.
Can play either faction, I have a shaman on both sides :slight_smile:
Drop me an add if you’re interested! Shockwomble#2742

Hey there Shockwomble!

First up, I love the name xD
Second; Ministry of Silly Wipes are looking for more members, if you want to check us out!

We have players that do Mythics throughout the week, all at different skill levels, but we have a couple in particular that play almost every night, pushing keys together; if you’re after pushing as high as you can, I’m sure they would appreciate a healer to join them! =)

As for raiding, we started a couple of months ago, and have been pushing HC; however due to people leaving the game at the moment, it’s been a bit harder to keep a consistent team going for HC, and so have had to dip back to normal now and then to help any newer players to catch up.
We hope to be right back at it after New Year, or at the very least ready for 9.2!
We do have some strong players in our ranks that turn up weekly, so I hope by the time 9.2 gets here, we’ll have those last few spots filled =)

Give the thread a read over, and if we sound like what you’re after, please add me for a chat =D
Discord: xWestie#9361
bnet: Westie#2496

Hey there, if you are still on the look out for a new guild then check out our recruitment post! We have two raid teams and plenty of M+ runs. 💥 [A][Silvermoon] <FURY> 5/10M - RECRUITING PLAYERS FOR RAIDS & MYTHIC+ - #21 by Zerofoxx-silvermoon


The Gauntlet (A) on Nordrassil/BDF are looking for a few more long term members for our wonderful mythic raiding team.

We raid Sundays and Tuesdays 8-11 pm svt, and our current progression is 5/10 M (so we’re currently on Painsmith).

The Guild has been around and mythic raided since 2005 with decent results. It’s mainly a pve guild, and apart from progression raiding we also have a social raid team and a lot of players doing M+, all from low keys up to +20ies. I’m sure you could team up with some of them for a stable M+ team :slight_smile: Some pvp is going on as well, but mostly for fun and giggles!

We’re residing on a small server which gives a homey feel to the guild. Player turnover is low and we all have time to get to know each other. We take pride in our great social environment and believe it is a big factor of why we’ve been around for so long! The guild is very versatile and has members from all over Europe, and ages ranging from teens all the way up to our Co-GM who recently turned 60! Everyone acts nice and mature, while still having fun together :slight_smile:

The progression raid team is looking for someone who plays their class well, can attend both raid nights, and is a team player. Someone who thinks the social environment is just as important as killing the bosses, but is capable and willing to put in the time and effort needed to eventually reach cutting edge with us!

Please let me know if this sounds interesting to you! My discord tag is Frippe#2043

Best regards,
Frida - Haltastic