Resto Sham looking for guild (weekend)


I play a shaman with 210 ilvl, 10/10hc current tier. I’m looking to find a guild that raids weekends or Sunday only. Reason is I’m working shift weekdays and I can’t keep a full attendance during mon-fri. I also prefer if you have an active community with good players and raid mythic content.

I’m 29 years old from Sweden with high-end experience dating back to the vanilla days. Past two expansions however I have not been playing that much - mainly due to work.

Should you want me as a raider as elemental I’m fine with that too. Also open to reroll if it’s the right fit.

Contact for more info
Disc: Chutzpahh#1665
Btag: chutzpah:21406

Hey Abmrosio,

We’re currently looking for a resto shammy whisper us if you’re interested