Resto Shaman 4M LF new guild

Discord: tru#1024

Venthyr Resto Shaman looking for 1/2 day Mythic raiding and M+ guild on [H] Twisting Nether (pref) - but not entirely averse to realm/faction change for the perfect guild.

Long-term WoW player. Resto shaman main from early BFA (on alliance shaman). Plenty of Mythic raiding and M+ experience. I can provide full info if requested.

I am looking for an established, mature and evening-active guild to join to continue Mythic progress and to push M+ keys.
I won’t claim to be the worlds best player - I make mistakes - but I do my best to learn from them and improve the next time around! Most of my recent logs are public, so you can see the full extent of my mediocrity if you desire to check.
I really enjoy M+ alongside raiding, and being able to join guild M+ runs to complete weeklies, achieve Keystone Master and to push keys is really important for me. M+ is something I enjoy a lot.
I also have a couple of alts I enjoy playing casually.
I work full-time, so I can’t be online during the weekday day-times. Therefore I am looking for a guild where this would not put me at a disadvantage regarding gear/progress/being involved.

Prefer Wednesday and Sunday raiding nights, but not essential. Also very open to non-WoW content as I enjoy many other games too.

Discord the best way to get in touch: tru#1024

Hi Tru,

You sound like a perfect fit for us and i hope by reading the below post you can see what we offer might be suited to you.
Raid days differ as does the realm but we have had 3 people already transfer realm and faction to play with us and we hope to add you to that list.

My battle net is in the post if it interests you, please do add me for a conversation.