Restodruid LF high rating aim teams 2s/3s


Im a 1900 rated rdruid on this season back after 8 days ban. I was playing with a warrior but would feel happy to try with rogue or warlock for 2s. I would aim for gladiator title. :slight_smile:

3s I would be interested in WLD but tbh open for suggestions.

I have played nearly every class in the game and on many of those reached 2300-2400 rating.

On warmane my best rating was 2650 5 ish years ago. I was slightly boosted at that time tbh but I am way better now.

Lf chill and growth mindset ppl for arenas. :slight_smile:

Stikla #4133 on discord or Stikla On shazzarah alliance.

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