Restore 200% resolution scaling on MAC, like before 8.3

Most of the lags on Macs are relative to that, now Mac users must have resolution same as monitor (not a 5k/2 for example) and render 5k textures.

If you choose scaling in wow game setting to 50% (like it was), graphics become blurry and looks bad

Before 8.3 there was a computed scaling resolution for retina monitors, now Mac users with retina must render x2 textures instead of scaling it programmaticaly.

Blizzard, please, restore that ability, and most of mac issues will gone away

So, if we have 5k resolution and 5k resolution scaling, on my imac, my fans become crazy and GPU usage (Radeon pro 8GB) is 100% and heating up

I think now GPU renders most part of graphics without CPU usage, but Macs doesnt have as good videocards as windows PCs, so just rever this change in client, because all lags are from that change

The texture resolution has nothing to do with the screen resolution.
They are the same at 1080P and 5K, or whatever res.

50% of native res will always look blurry, well anything below native will.
But you can set the quality of the resample under advanced “resample quality”, maybt that helps.

I think I am the only one who is happy right now.

I own 2019 iMac and before patch 8.3, I used to run the game as 2.5K rez. (graphics quality 6).

For me, it looks like the game is smoother than before. Now, I run the game in 5K native resolution. The only thing that I did yesterday is lowering SAOO to low level and increase graphics quality to 7.

I have a solid 50-80 fps. Either the game is broken or they really improve the game performance!

If i make resolution higher, GPU usage become permanent 100%, CPU temperature up to 70C and fans runs from 1200 RPM (round per minute) to maximum 2700 RPM

I have a 2017 imac, with i5 processor and 8GB radeon pro 580. And its annoying

I doubled check my GPU.

I noticed GPU memory is almost 100% and GPU processor is between 80% and 95%.

How do you check fan speed and CPU temp?

You can download Fanny application of Mac OS.

Here is my info.

CPU temp: 60
Fan speed: 2700

Fans speed 2700 its maximum, so its looks like a very heating GPU. (Like rendering Full HD video all the time)

I think he’s talking about the CPU.
But 60° is fine.

Ye, 60C is fine for CPU, but 2700 RPM for minute fans speed is maximum that can fan. Thats why i wrote GPU, instead of CPU