Restore deleted character ticket is resolved character is not back

This is crazy… I accidentally deleted a character on Golemagg - level 70 warrior “rebox” I know a silly mistake… what makes it worse it’s my only character on that server so I can not restore it.

I opened a ticket asking for my character to be restored as i can not do this. The ticket has been resolved and my character has NOT been restored… so thank you to the customer service member who did this… I will now be missing the launch.

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It might be more sensible for you to reopen your ticket as GMs aren’t in the forum.

I would guess the OP got told to post about this on the forums. Not sure why.

Though I’m not sure how you can type “delete” by accident.

Did they give you any message in the text of the ticket to say why they didn’t do it, I thought they would have.

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Hey there Blurze,

I had a look and it seems your ticket is still open and awaiting a reply.

That said, if you’re unable to restore the character yourself due to the locked realm status, support won’t be able to bypass this intended restriction.

The restriction nobody knows about. Creation a new character and restoring the deleted character are different things

They are different but it seems Blizzard aren’t allowing either.


Is that 100% confirmed?

Because it is stated NOWHERE that character restoration = character creation.

Just want to know because if this is the case, I can update my support case to ask for a refund and move on with the game instead of waiting for a negative answer.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, Blurze. Any luck with restoring your character?