Resurrected is recruiting (H) - late evening raiding

Due to the recent mass exodus from the server we have lost one of our protection warriors so we now have an opening for this class, we are also accepting social members.

Raid times 9pm server time on Wednesdays with MC being cleared under 2 hours, we also raid Onyxia same night with 2 teams and or on Sunday.

The guild is also are looking forward to premade BG’s.

If you are interesting in joining us please whisper a member for a invite to our discord.


Bump this!

Recruitment is back open

We are currently recruiting 2 hunters, 2 resto druids, 2 rogues, 2 locks and 1 holy priest for our raid team going into BWL. (And a few MC raids leading up to it)

We’re looking for members available Wednesday and Sunday evenings for raid days.

Just whisper a member for an invite to our discord if you are interested in joining.

Still looking for Rshaman, Rdruid and a rogue for upcoming BWL
But all applications will be taken under consideration!

Add on 1 x Holy Priest :slight_smile:

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