Resurrected is recruiting (h) - late evening raiding

Is looking for a few members to fill up spots in our core group.
Currently running BWL and Molten Core
Onyxia is just put together during a none raiding evening with a smaller group.

We are looking for Priests, Warlocks and Shaman of any spec.
Any class will be considered if you have decent gear and wish to see if we can fit you in.

We consist mostly of people that played in Vanilla, a lot of us cleared the content in Vanilla (up to Naxx).
But now we just want to play together again, so not hardcore raiding, but we expect effort to be put in on our limited raiding hours.
We raid 2 days a week Wednesday and Sunday 21:00 - 24:00 hours

We are in the main adults now, most with families and so we like to keep a nice attitude with respect towards each other, and will take that into account if you cannot raid.

If this sounds like the perfect home for you, please come and talk to us! Just ask a guild member in game to point you in the direction of an officer, or pass a message on.

Yeah come join the fun in our progress thru BWL!
We need a few more ppl to get a stead 40 man raid every raid day, as some ppl cant raid every raid we have atm.

Still looking for a couple of shaman of all specs to join us for getting ready to run multiple Zul Gurub runs next month. Before that it’s farming BWL and MC.

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