Ret class design ruins game

I don’t complain about ret survivability or dmg (though there are also issues). I’m complaining about their class design. I’m playing on ele shaman and they constantly dispell my flame shocks. One small talent is able to destroy elem shamans, boomies, e.t.c. Question to blizzard - how does this go live after ptr? Are your designers/developers playing this game and know the mechanics or are they just generating random ideas and immediately developing them?

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Yet another unique thread.
So, instead of asking a reasonable dispell protection for your core mechanic, you went ranting against 1 spec. Soon it will be gone. But let me tell you 1 secret : atm hpals are garbo, but they have a talent they can use to dispell FS from the whole party. Will you be crying because of them then?
10.1 is coming and they are working on new pvp talents. Imagine if someone gets something similar and slides under the radar?

I am not talking about healers, they are and they should dispell things. I’m talking about rets. The ONLY dmg dealer spec which can with very small cd dispell harmful effects. This is broken. “Reasonable” dispell protection will ruin game for healers. 10.0.5 was pretty balanced in this terms. Yes there were small counters, but overall nothing completely broken. And here ret palas come, and yet another ret defender in comments.

U.P.D If there is issue I will open threads and “cry” about it. Otherwise it won’t be fixed if everybody just silently eats “great” blizz ideas

I think Purge should now be able to dispel bubble.

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And how will a reasonable dispell protection ruin healers’ lifes? If FS, for example, will be undispellable at all. Not these popoo volcanos.

You need to create another thread. That is not how it works.

Arena is not pve, where you can setup perfect scenarios. Your idea is trash - make buff undispellable. Well then we need to change a lot of classes with similar effects, or and also tune after that all their dmg, and then it becomes pve - who makes his setup faster and without missclicks. All that because you thinks rets are perfect :slight_smile:

I mean, arena has been quite close to PvE entire DF expansion just due to high spike in dmg from the beginning. Ppl usually just zugzug, atleast in solo shuffle.

You were living in a world where in 8.3 (BFA) bofreedom became undispellable for ret/prot. Till the 10.0.7 patch. Thats 2 addons. I am pretty sure there are more examples of buffs/debuffs changing their status in WoW history. You are just being dense and acusing me for what i didn’t even say.

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