Ret nerfs nowhere near severe enough

Rets are still climbing just as before nerfs. It is time for blizzard to act and slap a global -30% dmg and healing modifiers to rets in pvp combat.


yes nerf retri, and nerf it by alot


yes more nerf needed fast


Nerf demo :clown_face:

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whats your point? ret shouldnt be able to climb like previous 2 month? kek :grin:

Nah, go back to the C tier retris! Go back! :rofl::clown_face:

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i don’t want retri to be bad but i genuinely don’t think the nerfs were enough. above 2.4kcr in 3s 98% of the games are ret palas and it’s very difficult to punish one

but difficult doesnt mean impossible? before ret you were having no problems with no one or you just wanna do them easy like before? can you explain?) maybe not perfect example: i play 2s and sometimes i can face 4-6 arms\assa in a row durring a session and its very difficult to me play against them, if i’ll do my best i have a chanse BUT, if he’ll do his best i can never win. So is it just a ret problem right now after nerf? because it seems to me the only one condition of ret (according to community opinion) is unplayble :neutral_face:

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Rets damage or off heal needs to be nerfed. While its better, its still to much currently. The only skill cap the class currently has is using hop or hoz on your healer.

This feels like Legion frost dk issue. 3 weeks of nerfs needed to make it fair

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