Ret Pala 10/10 hc LF Raiding guild

Hello , am looking for a mythic raiding guild currently am 10/10 on hc i was doing some mythic raiding in BFA and Legion , i kinda thinking playing even as holy . Doing m+ as prot trying to push . I would like a guild with good enviroment and trying to have some decent progress .
Am raiding since Vanilla , all contents clear in hc version and some on mythic , i have many alts as Resto Druid , Arms/Prot Warrior , MM hunter . Faction and Realm change posible

Hey There,

To keep this short and sweet - If you’d like to consider Disciples who are currently 8/10HC based on Alliance. We have a few spots left on our Mythic roster.
I appreciate we’re slightly behind on your progress however i think the other qualities you are looking for, We have at Disciples
If you’re interested add me on Tag Vanq#2404 or on Discord Hoterino#6305

Hey, I am from The Golden Armada 10/10 HC and 1/10 Mythic guild on Argent Dawn, we are looking for commited raiders to progress as far as we can into mythic CN. We raid wednesdays and thursdays 8 to 11 pm server time. For more information add me on bnet lynkanek #2659

Hi there Merala,

If you are still looking give us a look!

Hey Merala,

Give us a look