Ret paladin healing in PVP

Tested ret paladin World of glory and Flash of light in arenas, yes, probably 515 ilvl not 528, but
Word of glory average heal 85k ±
Flash of light average heal 87-90k
Just want to say, thay i got bigger heals in early s3 with much lower hp pool???
CMON, with average 1.3-1.4hp pool 86k heal for 3 holy power, ITS NOT OKAY, hello!!!
Warrior, for example, got more absorb/healing then ret, its not okay.

if it makes you feel any better holy pala doesn’t seem to heal much more than that :clown_face:

if you want my advice then reroll, paladin is not nor will it ever be a PvP class, it’s either broken beyond believe or so trash no one looks at it, and 9 out of 10 times it’s trash so just play something OP like everyone else


Thanks, but I like ret spec and paladin.
Not interesting to play op class, php/phs, ret/war, ret/dh was still playable s3, but holystrike and low healing - two biggest problems we got with rework…

It blows my mind that not only WoG costs 3 HP, it also costs Mana…
FoL is better in the way of healing compared…


I’m gonna speak as a prot pvper, so maybe no one cares about it, but I feel heals are pretty universal between paladin specs.
To top myself i have to use all my mana, if i heal others it feels like a waste anyway.
Even more forms of “offensive” heals (golden path, judgment of light, lightforged blessing and crusader’s reprive) are not enough and feel like a waste of talent points.

Just to add some numbers to what i’m saying:
Golden path heals 1.8k x 13 times = 23.400 in 12 secs (1% of my hp)
Judgment of light is 4.1k (0,2% of my hp, so if I consume all 5 stacks it’s 1%)
Both lighforged blessing and crusader’s reprive heal 1% in pvp. Keep in mind that crusader’s reprive means not using WoG.
Then I jump on my arms warrior and I have leech + pain and gain + impending victory which makes me heal more and faster…