Ret paladin just won a round in AWC?

So ret is fine or even very good/super strong, r1 viable, etc etc right? Isnt that the way we play it here on the forums?

I mean… as i said elsewhere i assume they wanted it to counter the assa. But personally i don’t even think ret is that bad rn. It’s just paper usually.

it looks like team with ret forced rogue/sp/heal (cup #1 1st and 3rd place combos?) to play rmd and then lost on mana in very close 2:2

2 rounds they took were mega fun, it’s shame they lost. And let’s solute RMX is back, again.


True. Cancel the overhaul. RET insanely OP. Nerf DMG and make it so RET takes 420% more dmg after bubble ends or gets dispelled.


the beautiful thing about Overhauls, is they can still be Worse then Whats current.

Druids were “overhauled”. yet theyre weaker then they orginally were.

so if its OP, just basically. ensure its After rework, weaker then it currently is?

Ret arms is a solid comps and always was, what’s the issue?

No issue here. It’s sarcasm. But who cares RMX is back, all other comps can be happy with 2nd place…


RMX back on the menu to dominate, Shadowlands 2.0 inc.

It was good fun seeing the warrior massively outheal the ret too :slight_smile:


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