Ret paladin still bad after buffs

Hey. i really got exited when i saw finally ret had some dmg buffs, but still even now ppl dont have to use majore defencives vs ALL cds, trinket, toll, ashes fv,fr with wings. Example: With combust u have to run/move away, use huge defencives. Same with incarn etc etc, but with ret? Not at all… Also now i have to play like a chicken vs casters all game, cant even move outside pillars without go window. Im HARDSTUCK at 1,9,2kmmr now. and that really sucks beacuse all of the other classes there are WAY better than ret but you still lose cuz game exprience(Zero XP) at this mmr… This is the 2.nd time i really consider to quit just because of the state ret is atm.


Retri is fine now tbh i even dont know how it is bad their utility is insane, the ST in m+ is decent, their AoE is good. I mean…


The OP is talking about PvP, not PvE.

You might find it helpful to edit the title to be clear this is about PvP, or you’ll just get a lot of PvE players telling you it’s fine.

Ret isn’t bad in PvP either tho, the issue is it’s VERY lobby dependant, get a full melee lobby and you can get an easy 6-0, get a mage/lock lobby and thats a swift 0-6, just very RNG

some kind of joke?

That is a you problem:

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He is talking about PVP not pve so that is a you problem. Ret are ok this is season just ok and nothing more

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I agree.

Needs more nerfs.

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PVP as ret is RNG in solo shuffle that Is if you get melee lobby you are favored to win pretty much, but Caster lobbies are bad winrate. Atleast that is what i noticed when i did few shuffles this season around 2-2,3k mmr. Also if you are paired with priest that is giving you PI you will be Doing some insane pressure. Same with Aug buffs. Solo is just RNG due to to random class compositions, so It can not realy be used as a meassure on how strong certain class is. Also if you somehow get legendary axe and play PVP with it i recommend play extremely offensive and reckless as you will do unhealable dmg pretty much as for some stupid reason Axe works in PVP.

Still fun to play.

get the leggo from fyrakk and you might have a good time, 2nd dmg will be from the weapon. i dont have it yet but i see people who did less dmg than me creeping up because of it lol.

Ye, this is the issue…

Sadly here lies the issue with ret, its ether too good or not good enough most the time for pvp.

Right now its common for the paladins utility to burn out before any meaningful damage is done and they die from lacking any more tools , in a faster meta they would do amazing but with games going into dampening and high HP bars things like blessing of protection just ain’t big enough vs classes that have more sustained survival tools.

I’m not sure what the fix is to this , Ret has a history of going from useless to omega strong with tuning changes but I do agree right now they are weak into tankier comps

It’s fun
glad we got some love


You can easily do a ton of damage and kill players.

what love? that’s like thanking your abuser for not hurting you today and calling it love lmao


We are currently doing very well after the rework, I think this is what he may have been referring to

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