Ret Pally 202 LF Raid Guild

Hey there,

after scrolling for an eternity, I’ve decided to make my own post.
(With blackjack and [REDACTED].)

I’ve been playing this game on and off for 13 years now. (I’m 25M.)
I jumped back in at the launch of SL and I’m enjoying the expansion, so far.
However, I’m sick of pugging by now, and would love to find my way back into organized raiding. I last raided actively in Legion (EN 6/7M and some early NH, back then).

In terms of raiding hours, I’m looking for week nights (Mo-Thu), preferrably no earlier than 19.30 CET. I don’t care about realm or faction, i.e. I’m down to transfer and/or FC anywhere if I think we’re a good match.

More broadly speaking, I’m looking for a fun, but mature community.
People who like to hang out in voice chat and enjoy pushing the occasional M+ key outside of raiding hours.

Looking forward to responses in this thread or DMs to houseforest#2887.



hi if u don’t mind raiding Saturdays we would have a spot for u on our HC raid team if u would like to know more about us i will leave out post below.

Thanks for reading

Hey there!
I suggest you check out our Guild, and contact me if interested :wink:
Recruitment post here: [A] [Silvermoon] <Midnight Death Inc> [10/10N, 5/10HC] - LF DPS for late night HC Raiding


We’re looking for a retri paladin currently and would love to have you on board.

Please do let us know if interested.