Ret Pally rework inc, FDK next please

Since Ret. paladin will get a rework from the ground, maybe it is time to take a look at the Frost DK talent tree, and completely overhaul it?


Not gonna happen, because ret is the only dps spec for palas, that’s why they get update…for DKs we unfortunately stack with UhDK being only viable spec…

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ret paladin rework confirmed? :open_mouth:

Tbh, the entire DK class, meaning all 3 specs qualify for a rework.

Some people made good suggestions, too.

Like making frost 2hand and tank spec, blood vampire like DD spec with much selfheal, Unholy preferable with a better mechanic than wounds.

Think unholy is the only spec that makes any sense in terms of class fantasy and playability, right now, but could get tuning, regardless to speed up the heavy gcd usage.

I am talking both PvE and PvP.

Oh I would love to play reworked frost DK, it could be fancy, actually I am also leveling retri.

However since blizz mentioned button bloat and I have enough level to have good idea about how it looks like for retri… could blizzard, maybe, please, consider minor button and gcd reduction for affli? (Especially if we set Retri current state as “button bloat” as mentioned in blog post)

i dont know why bliz dont care about frost dk

Because if the rumors are true and they have only 2 dev for pvp… then we probly be next in line in 2-3 years. I sad to see a big company only has so few dev working on pvp…

There is no need to overhaul frost dk talent tree, it’s fine, but i would change glacial advance.

It should work like it did with the tier set, so frost dk, especially obliteration would actually do great aoe.

And remove that two handed weapon TRASH!

No, it’s the only reason to play Frost as it’s supposed to, there is no other way.

Jokes aside from both our sides:
They should make Might of the Frozen Waste increase Frost Strike damage as well and make auto attacks a chance to apply Razorice.

I do agree, the “rework” needed is just to make things flow better for the spec (Rime and KM should have 2 stacks, Cold Blooded Rage working against Obliteration)

Let me do that for you: A Talent familiar to Gladiator Stance for Blood dk

  • Mastery: Instead of gaining a shield, the amount of healing increases the damage of your next Death Strike. Increased by y% if overhealed
  • Bone Shield Charges doesn’t increase armor, instead increases the damage of heart strike by x%. Consuming a charge

This is just a simple example of how it could work.


Actually no, frost was always supposed to be the dual wield spec.

Aside that, as it is currently, it’s the worst of both worlds because the loot is split and you have no way to get only 1 h weapons if you want. And you do want 2 1 h weapons for frost, since 2 h is just worse in every way.

Just would like to see blood dk as dd spec again, because, in pvp it means, if you are a tank and not a fast bear or dh tank you are considered a dead spec and just doesn’t exist in any bracket.

And the guy that made the suggestion for 2hand Frost DK Tank thought it would resemble more to the undying arthas theme.

Besides i like a lot of selfheal, doing pvp stuff.

OR just split blood into a dd and tank branch,similar to what was done with ferals(cat + bear) or old warrior gladiator stance thing what you just suggested.

Just pointing out, i would not mind at all, frost beeing the tank spec, and blood entirely focused on dd stuff or even work as a weird form of healer.(heal through blood yeah, haha)

In any case, everything is much better than what it is right now, dk feels very dull right now, we need some more creative playstiles and buttons to press, some signature that people respect.

I also would take the old masterfrost playstyle of MoP when you could use freely DW and 2hand both with equally good results in raids.(Like Siege of Orgrimmar)

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Yeah, but 2hand was great in MoP last raid, so, there was a time this was actually best in Raids. I played both and do not mind, either way. There is no reasion why other specs like unholy could not be dw, too.

I do not really see the big theme in dw frost, other than old masterfrost from cata and mop time.

But in lore, we have Arthas with his 2hander, who is all about frost merely, there is this Frostmourne with its icy theme.

I really think DK as a class needs radical changes, they feel more aged han the classes we got first in vanilla now.

Basically, frost was supposed to be the one handed spec and unholy the two handed spec, but sometimes two handed was better in terms of numbers.

That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t designed with one handed in mind though.

And the people who asked for the return of 2h caused nothing but trouble for the spec, by splitting the loot in 2 with no way to select what you want. Unless you want 2h, which is a bad idea for frost.

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Yet, everyone plays dw unholy in naxx and ulduar and 2hand is just way less dps overall and no build of that is recommend. Blizz changed their mind later forth and back.

I don’t mind either way, i stopped to play pve with a dk, there are better choices for that. In pvp frost just receives disarms all over destroying any go with pillars.

I only see how bad designed the spec is in every aspect of the game and would like to see a big overhaul, dw or 2hand. I actually prefere dw for more weapon enchants.

I think there is a misunderstanding between what player’s use given the choice, and what was designed.

I don’t exactly remember where i heard this, it was an interview about artifact weapons if i recall correctly, and in that interview i remember hearing about how the idea behind frost was always to use dual wield, not two handed.

The problem here is that this “choice” comes at the expense of quality of life, for no actual benefit. Unless you consider swinging 1 big sword instead of 2 smaller ones a benefit, even though it does literally nothing for the rotation, and is objectively worse in damage. I don’t consider that a benefit in any way.

That’s why it need to be buffed. 2H Frost is a thematic way to play and the option should be open to play.

Though they simply need to make Frost loot exclusive 1h, since you can swap to UH loot if you play 2H frost to get exclusive 2H only.

PvP talent that blocks disarms during PoF should be a choice (or at least reduce disarm duration)

Honestly most PvP talents for DK’s needs to be redesigned or reworked.

Rot and Wither is the best example.

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Its a weird argument this one. Due to the fact arthas actually wielded it as a 1handed sword while mounted in the orginal warcraft series.

And several times wielded it as a 1handed weapon in wotlk.

It seemed to deem as a blade usuable both with 1 and 2hands realistically.

But it isnt.

There should be a degree fo difference between a lich king and a death knight.

The lich king wielded frostmourne with both 1handed and 2handed animations. There was no strictness to how the blade was handled.

Frost deathknights were never thematically susposed to be a Lich King.

It resembles one part of arthases power, over the frost.

Aswell as unholy resembles his ability to raise the dead, and use necrotic magic.

Beyond the point however.

Choice is always important, and some players juet dont like 1handed weapons as alot side sheethe which has always been a less liked apperances by a audience of the game.

But blizzard do want frost to be a dual wield specc, although id argue for the sake of gearing it being 2handed eould just be easier as its other 2 speccs are 2handed.

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I see your point, but you can swing a 2 handed sword with one hand and vise versa.

I’d say it comes down more of a callback to Wrath, when you could play 2h or Dw with all specs, though frost being the more defined dw spec. 2H Frost was all about those nasty big Frost Strike crits.

But as to the point: Having the option doesn’t really hurt anyone in this case. They just need to buff it to be at the same level.
Besides, Frost is having an issue right now that the damage of BoS is balanced around keeping it up 100% of the cooldown, which sometimes comes down to luck and can’t be achieved if you have mechanics to take in mind.

Thats very dependent on the sword, a Zwei Hander yes. Which is what the frostmourne and ashbringer are.

A proper 2handed sword however, would simply be too heavy to accurately use.

No, it needed to be never brought back so it’s not an issue or blizzard should allow us to choose between 1h or 2h in loot.

Choice is not always important if it comes at the expense of something more important.