Ret week aura

Hey all, anyone got any good weekauras for ret I’m looking for a smallish one due to not having a very big monitor and all the ones I can find are huge on my screen.

Thanks in advanced


Resize the ones you have? WA allows you to do that.

This damn panda is everywhere but it speaks truth here.

I could not find a base WA preset I liked aswell. What I did however is use Luxothos Paladin weak aura and extracted the skills/buffs, made then into their own groups then resized/repositioned them to suit my preferences.

This require some learning of WA but it’s nothing stellar, just a few tries and you’ll get it quickZ

Luxthos is a good base imo because he got everything covered and I like the fact the skill icons show how long a buff lasts then the cooldown. I set them up to disappear when skills aren’t on cooldown/current buff, so my screen is super clear that way.

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