Retail game incompatible with Ryzen 5 5600X CPUs?

I have this interesting issue where I keep getting random crash to desktop errors implying the game attempts to write in read-only memory.

At first I thought it was my overclock but this is impossible, as WoW Classic has never had this issue and no other game has the same issue.

I already reinstalled the game, and deleted my WTF folder, and deleted my addons folder, and removed some addons I thought might cause the issue. I also already tried starting the game as an administrator.

This issue is exclusive to WoW Retail and cannot be replicated in any other game or application, including WoW Classic.

I currently have the following addons installed:

Bagnon, Bartender4, Details dmg meter, Exorsus Raid Tools, HandyNotes (+ HN Shadowlands), Mythic dungeon tools, OmniCC, Pawn, Quartz, RIO, Scrap, Simulationcraft, TomTom, Weakauras.

There is a specialised tech support section of the forums, I suggest you move this to that section.

Is it error 132? Does it do it with no addons installed?

This can be a driver issue too. Yes, it may not affect other things but it still could be. Make sure all your drivers are up to date. It may not be your CPU but something in your GPUs setting that’s trying to alter the games graphics. Also try turning down your DirectX to 11.

I found this on a google search.

It is not impossible, sometimes problems only occur invery specific conditions. Since ruling out this is fairly easy I suggest you try without overclocking and see if the game still crashes or not. Blizzard’s tech support is going to suggest it anyways. I would also rule out any problems with the memory by trying the game without any XMP profiles enabled.

I personally don’t have any issues with the older 3800X CPU with no overclocks other than memory which is set to the fairly modest XMP profile the memory is specced for.