[Retail] Nameplate distance and Line of Sight broken since 2019

Nameplate distance has been locked to 60 yards on Retail since a hotfix was applied to Classic in September 2019 in order to lock it on Classic to 20 yards. When will this be fixed for Retail?

I have tested this issue on the PTR with no addons except one called RangeDisplay, which only show me distance to target. And none of the Cvar-scripts or commands that pertain to nameplate distance that I can find, seems to work.

As for the Line of Sight issue, it’s annoying to be able to see nameplates through closed doorways in Torghast which you know you can’t past after exploring the entire floor. It’s also really obvious problem in dungeons like Tol Dagor and Sanguine Depths, probably other dungeons as well.

And I have sent this bug report nearly every week through either the Retail client or PTR client for the past 2 months, but I’m starting to lose all hope this will ever get fixed.

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