Reticle Spells on Target macro!

I wanted to post this here cause Im having somewhat of a hard time finding decent direction about this topic. There is a new macro goin arround that kind of became available on the release of 9.25 and I would really like to know the full extent of its use: Is this legal? Was this entended? Can we fully use this without expecting any kind of bashing from Blizzard? I ask this because It has been years since I been asking Blizzard for this exact mecanic, and the reply tought small was kind of always the same, NOP! In truth what I really liked answear, specifically from Blizzard is; Can we use this freely and not face any kind of punishment in the future? Would like to place this arround to see what everything thinks about this topic!!

Blizz has yet to comment.

Roger! Will wait for something from them! If u hear anything about it and dont mind to drop a reply here fill free :stuck_out_tongue:

Will do. That said, I personally don’t think we’re going to see any bans from this, but as with all things, use it at your own risk.

It’s time for Blizzard to just allow us to use @target and @mouseover for this.


As of today, this has been hotfixed. The new behavior makes the Self-cast key override anything in macros, so the spell is always cast beneath your feet.

At least until now, we could remove autocast with [@none] to get the reticle back; but after the hotfix, that option is also overriden.

I’ve been using macros with ALT and CTRL modifiers to save keybinds -for example, a single button for Charge/Intervene/Heroic Leap- and now I can’t use Heroic Leap, unless I disable or change my self-cast key. This is very disruptive to what had become muscle memory.

I understand that autocasting on target is a functionality that wasn’t intended; but making it self-cast is useless and completely messed up. Possibly the laziest and worst fix they could come up with.

Can’t they leave it as it was before 9.2.5? :expressionless:

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Yup, it’s really frustrating.

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