Retribution Nerf

So if ret’s getting nerfed can warlocks and monks and warrior’s and Hunter’s and Demonhunter’s and mage’s and shaman’s get nerfed aswell then please? they hit just as hard if not harder than paladin. your nerfing something that people are complaining about it.

how long has mage’s and warlocks and demonhunter’s and arm’s ect. ect. been broken for. and still is. we finally get a decent buff that’s actually good just like the rest of the classes and people don’t like it so they cry about it. like have you not seen all the other classes?. Get the nerfed too please blizzard stop focusing on what people cry about and do your job.


Ret is still a solid S tier spec. Some of the larger pvp streamers are even saying that they didn’t nerf as much or the right things so idk.

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Incorrect. Ret has already been nerfed:

Also Hunter and Warlock are getting their nerfs at weekly Reset.

Mage’s need buffing if anything.

Stop moaning. Rets were miles ahead of every other class, and they probably still are.

Did you not get enough time to exploit rating with it, before the nerf?


stop moaning he say’s. it’s called a post. if you don’t like it move on. simple as that really. ret’s were never mile’s ahead. you just didn’t know how to counter the new talent’s they got. there was no exploiting involved if the class is decent enough. just like a warlock can a demonhunter can a mage can ect. ect. i’ll assume you have no idea because any sane person with a good sense of knowledge to each class would know it’s not even broken and ret’s burst was abit high but i’ve seen mage’s one shot and warlock’s nearly one shotting. hell even my Dk unholy can one shot player’s.

anyway’s nothing can change what is happening to Ret and again ret has been destroyed by the community once again. hopefully they do the same to every other class :slight_smile:

Good, Day maam.

So was his, if you don’t like it move on.

Ret’s were busted. Try some objectivity.


Ret needed a nerf. I play one and they got broken.

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Just got into arena vs double ret as fury war and got nuked within 2 secs trough those nerfs :slight_smile:

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there’s a difference between a stupid post and he his is just moaning about my post because he doesn’t like it. simple really. don’t need rocket science to figure that one out. i don’t need someone telling me to stop moaning about something when im moaning about something. just ridiculous he could just simply ignore it and let it go. but no he has to come to the forum’s and comment something stupid. and beside’s what im saying is true and people don’t like the truth because Ret’s weren’t busted, sorry that we had more survivability than before and were not squishy anymore and have practically the same amount of dps before the patch. just different ability’s that make it more bursty. i don’t see anyone else complaining about warlock’s insane bursts and overall damage or the hunter’s being able to one shot. or demonhunter’s have insane DPS with their self healing. or shammy’s being able to nuke player’s with massive amount’s of insta-casts of healing. or mage’s and their incredible amount’s of damage that i’ve seen them do over 100dps and nuke anyone with their crazy amount of control ability’s and then don’t forget they can just ice block and heal and spam blink’s and slows and what not. all paladin’s have is a bubble that last’s 8 second’s with 3.5min cooldown and then 30 more seconds on top of that for forbearance and our 6 second self healing only doe’s 40k to 50k. and then on top of all that we have wing’s. literally the only thing that’s good for us right now is the damage and abit more tankyier. as MELEE should be good for damage. Imagine a giant two handed sword swing into your face. make’s sense why melee classes should do more damage. because we have to make more of an effort to fight ranged player’s

because ranged player’s tend to fight cowardly running away and hiding behind pillar’s. so we struggle alot compared to most.


Omegalul. Shaman has near zero defense, but nerf more pls.

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actually shamans are insanely strong. specially with the healing spamming when it proc’s literally constantly. so yeah they are broken. i’ve seen them and i’ve played them. i’ve been able to 1v2 player’s easy i do more healing than a healer can. it’s that nutty.

Oh, nice. And all that without nerfing anything in PvE. This is 10/10.

Edit: AHAHAHAHA. Only 1 talent I am using was nerfed in PvP. Bruh

That like 5-6 heals before we out of mana. After that its gg.

like i said. on my shaman i’ve 1vs2’ed people with the amount of self healing i could do. it’s that good. and i’ve even had no mana and still crack a few heal’s in now and then. so 5-6 isn’t true at all

Retribution Cryladin ROFL LMAO. The guy is requesting Shaman nerfs :sweat_smile: :joy: :joy: This is UNREAL.


Ret is still S tier, it is just not SS+ tier right now.

I played it only 1 day and climbed from 2150 to 2430 (?) I guess. Other players made me feel like I’m doing world quest, trying to kill mobs quickly.

It still has great survivability much more tankier compared to pre-rework, the rework is a success. I just don’t like dispellable Freedom and they did not give us Wings of Liberty. It was basically Heroic Leap of warriors but paladin version.

Ret were not miles ahead no. They were light years ahead. Arena statistics showed them having a whopping 21% higher win rate than the second best spec in the game. Which is/was BM hunters.

Ret was so broken that R1 players were saying they were giving up on PvP until Ret was nerfed. Rated Bg’s were 4-5 Rets per team. Etc.

And by Blizzards own admission, Ret was heavily overperforming.

Nerf Monks? What are you talking about

Windwalker is trash in Season 1 and useless in the Raid.

We are 20% behind on Single Target and need an enormous buff.
And our AoE is average.

The only reason we are good in M+ is because we are a walking interrupt machine

Warlocks and hunters just got nerfed for whatever reason.

Please learn to read before you post.

Atleast you got a cool rework menwhile hunters got their weapon nerfed to the ground and now get even more nerfs cause why not. Even survival which is one of the leat played specs lmfao.

Cry me a river, paladin.

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Whining does work after all!!!