Retribution Paladin Alpha Build 45141

  • Retribution

    • Divine Protection has been added as a choice node with Shield of Vengeance. Cooldown increased to 2 minutes.
    • Justicar’s Vengeance now costs 3 Holy Power and deals 7% less damage.
    • The talent locations of Ashes to Ashes and Divine Toll have been swapped.

Good changes but not enough, not even close.

No development notes for paladins :grinning: :clown_face: only 3 changes. Look at the amount of development notes and changes that warriors got :clown_face:


Dear paladin dev, just remove shield of vengeance it’s going to dead talent almost no point to get it for any situation. If you really want to make choice node on here add BFA style Word of Glory. So people might think to use it like AOE LoH at M+ maybe more use full.
Ashes to ashes swap is good beacause with out conduit Divine Toll is no fun. Still don’t get while every spec of paladin got Divine Toll+ legendary but still not on class tree…
And please remove justicar’s vengeance. This is just looks like Death Strike… Like a DK’s we are going to spam that skill due to high value of survivability at PvP instead of our core spender…


The last few updates were cool, however, they’ve confirmed the devs want us to be crusaders, so… I guess we’ll keep the most hated talent (yes, retarded pony) but we might start to see some interesting things in our build.
If the build released yesterday is the final build, we’ll have to wait to test and order a glyph to hide that skill garbage.

After seeing the monk tree…

We definitely need a new class dev


They literally tell us, take the horse the consecration and shut up, the speed is funny but we don’t care, you have a pony and luminous smoke.
Admittedly, certain changes look cool at first glance.
The developer notes were very funny, I thought they were a joke but they were not.
In the Feedback post at least, Rayzens explained why we hate our mobility and gave plenty of suggestions to fix it if they want to turn us into diablo3 crusaders. Really the best commentary I’ve read so far on how to fix us .

Tirion would say… I sacrificed myself too early, the devs don’t remember me to inspire a retri

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Yeah… Didn’t buy DF yet… I’ll most likely just play Wotlk.

When, I’ll maybe buy it later, play warrior and very casually my paladin for transmog


The expansion looks good, if what you are looking for is a warrior with magic you will always have the DK, you see what they have done with it and I get envious hahah

Nothing to do with the paladin disaster.

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Just check out the insane monk tree, how much stuff they have… Also well connected…

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