Retribution spec bonuses

Please stop trolling and spreading misinformation. Thank you.


Please please please stop making tier set gear have random secondary stats please make it copy the piece you put in. Also please every one vote for the season 1 set bonus best by far

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Cannot wait for 1500 RIO players to decide what tier i’ll be using in high M+
Stop these silly community votes already


Can’t believe people would vote for two seasons in a row with the same bonus. I want some variety!

Seeing you as 3k m+ player i tought u would have said season 3 gear bonuses… they are the best compared to others. flat damage is not that good, in m+ s3 bonuses scale better. bigger the pack is, bigger the damage increses. and yes, it is more difficult than s1 bonuses to play, but u get the best result. and if u watch carefully the 25% effectiveness on the next holy power spending, if it is done correctly, deals more damage anyway of a mere 10% flat (sorry for bad english, but it’s not my primary language)

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Just give us beta tier set ( big consecration :melting_face:)

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i was 3k+ in s1 too, doing no extra work for same dps increase is better than keeping track of a dot on target. Its not hard but i dont see any fun in it.

Those who vote for S1 im pretty sure trolling.
Please vote for S3, by far the best tier set in a while.

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why would anyone vote for s3… it makes the playstyle clunky and feels like WW were you have to rotate between 3 abilities


except that we’re talking about ret pala so it won’t be adjusted


All those trolls voting for season 2…

Are those people really that…“special”?


With fervent optimism and a touch of magic, I silently plead for the auspicious bestowal of my desired set bonus.

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Exactly S2 bonus set was huge in _Arenas. Huge pressure . PVe player Trolling as hell woth that s3 set , which is awfull.

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Choose what you like by all means but dont spread false information because you dont know better.

Quick comparison in dps for the scaled up tier sets:

Single Target

Ret Season 3: 250,797
Ret Season 2: 236,397
Ret Season 1: 235,067


Ret Season 3 627,851
Ret Season 1 578,546
Ret Season 2 560,806

Season 1 : Entirely passive. Has no effect on your rotation at all.

Season 2: Entirely passive on single target, increases Hammer of Wrath priority on AoE.

Season 3: Massively increases Judgment priority and incentivizes weaving Judgment casts in between Divine Resonance procs during cooldowns.

Blizzard has said that they would balance whichever one was chosen, but the gap between them is so large that anything other than Season 3 might need a 2x or 3x buff for us to not just use the Season 3 tier set for the entirety of the next season too, and their track record on balancing Ret tier sets has been pretty poor, so bear that in mind when making your decision.

Credits to @Bolas from the Paladin Class Discord


Ret best set for pvp was S2. Play with WA. and knowing all to do in M+ isnt that hard.
PVP much harder then PVE so its obviously that ret shood get S2 tier set.

s3, not even a question.

They are all boring, but at least s3 is the least boring.


No one cares about RIO.
20 keys can be taken with faceplay on keyboard, as i every season do.
PVP players community tired of PVE balance instead of PVP!


S3 talents… Buggy as hell, force players to play in Auto-Attack build and still chosen by the players. Great, it seems I’m not going to have fun for S4.


nobody cares about DPS …
the scaling happens afterwards.

choosing set bonus is ONLY about playstyle here…

Please everyone vote the season 1 ret tier set do not shoot this specc in the foot

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