Return player want guild

how are you guys ,i hope you have nice day^^

i left wow before 2 month and i just back but when i play it , it make me feel too lonely and keep remind me with bad moments about ex and her cheat,etc

and im looking for guild that is really talk active and so friendly and help me to not feel lonely or remind past bad memories which affect too much on me

im on outland server alliance ,if there are guild like this i would transfer to any server

i really hope to find guild like this


We are a small, but social guild. If you make an alt on alonsus server and join us, you can see if you feel you fit in before you transere your chars. You can read about us here:
Veritas Alonsus - Casual gang looking for more
If we are not a fit for you, I recommend to look on the recruitment forums for someone that is :slight_smile:
I wish you the best of luck in finding a new home on Azeroth! :slight_smile:

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