Returned after 8 months, can't do gear boost?


I just resubbed to the game after not playing for about 8 months. I saw posts and videos that there’s supposed to be a gear boost button next to my characters that haven’t been played for a while. Anyway, it’s not there for any of my characters, even ones that haven’t been touched for years. Did I miss my chance to use it or is it just a bug?


It was temporily disabled due to bugs im afraid

You didn’t miss the chance for sure, unless you’re above 60.
Either way, the boost is like the minimum item level of your level soo, if, say, you had played shadowlands on a character you’d be geared better than that. It’s only really for those pre-shadowlands characters that got hit by the squish a little hard ^^"

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Hey Foxyeve,

Welcome back and I hope you’ve been able to get back up and running alright, even without the Gear Update.

As others have mentioned it was indeed disabled for some time as we ironed out a couple of related issues, but should now be turned back on and working correctly (fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:)

If you aren’t already it might help you get back into action with the character you had your eyes on.

Best of luck!

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