Returned player need help

Hello all.

I just recently returned to wowo after many years. I started new frost mage and at moment I landed at dragon isles. I also got completely lost. I did not got almost any gear while leveling. had to spend many gold to get me going. SO first I wanted to ask is it still only way to get some gear by going to dungeon?

Next thing I noticed some renown stuff. Is that some kind of rep to grind? So far I admit I don’t like this new expansion

While leveling in the Dragon Isles you should get enough gear to sustain yourself at 70, at least do to normal, then heroic dungeons for some quick gear.
Since the expansion has been out for a pretty long time at this point there are many additional questlines to follow once you complete the first. Most importantly the Forbidden Reach quests, as well as the Zaralek Cavern.
These being later patches you will get much better gear than the ones you have, so put those on your prio.

Renwon in a reputation system, you can aquire cosmetics, some gear pieces if needed and also upgrades to assist you in World Quests just to name a few rewards. You will obtain renown from doing pretty much anything.

As you quest through Zaralek Cavern you will get “Shadowflame Crest Fragments”, these are used to upgrade gear. Quests in said zone will guide you on how that works.

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Welcome back!

In Dragonflight, you NEED to do the MSQ/“Campaign” quests around the Isle. These are the ones with brown shields around their exclamation marks. You need to follow these because you will not unlock certain things at 70 until you have done them on at least one character. Doing all the MSQ quests will just about get you to 70 with no need for dungeons and maybe no need for any other XP.

The quests will give you enough gear, though with scaling in the game, all gear feels meh when levelling anyhow.

Renown is a type of rep that isn’t called rep. You will never need it for gear or progress; it gives only cosmetics like transmogs and mounts, and the only real gear will be too low for you to use by the time you get it.

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Thank you gor help. I am thinking to get a hand of it by now…more or less. I do enjoy dragon riding although is still crappy lol. Now I only need to find some nine and friendly group to play with.
ALso I noticed that shield maked quest yesterday. I also noticed that some of those look bugged. I was unable to find it at his npc but after I did one more sidequest I got on my list mark apereared. So far I hate only fact that quest get bugged out sometimes and I need to kinda go away and get back to pick new ones up. I also enjoy Fire mage much more than frost as I am leveling. Dunno why but I presume better DPS maybe. I could still use propper mage guide. Icy veins is not bad but it is lacking

Here is what you need to do about that:

  1. Get all the Glyphs. Get them. No excuses. There is one at the top of a very high mountain in Thaldraszus that might be a problem, but get the others, learn the skills, and then get it. Also, there are more in the Forbidden Reach and Zaralek Cavern that weren’t there at the start, so that makes it easier. You can skip Aerian Halt and Ground Skimmimg branches at the start. BTW, take Dragonrider’s Compassion, not its alternative.
  2. It really should be called Dragongliding. The way you do it is a) point your view straight up then b) hit Skyward Ascent and c) Count to three and hit it again and repeat. Then level off and glide down, keeping your nose just a bit down.

In what way is it lacking? There are more complete guides, but you are not going to be able to get much from them until you are 70 and have a decent set of gear.

If you clarify what you feel is wrong with IV, maybe I can point you towards another guide.

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