Returning after 10 years

After 10 years away I’m back playing and looking for an active social guild on Silvermoon server.

I’m still miles away from being at the level for end game content, but that is definitely something I would be looking for in a guild down the line, but between then and now looking for a guild that tenders to its lower-level members as well as higher.

Hey there I run a small guild on Silvermoon, we are currently helping our low level guildies get up a few levels, i’ll leave our guild post and let me know if your interested!

Hi Lorrimor, welcome back to the game :slight_smile: We are always looking out for more people with the right mindset for our small and social group. We have been an active social and raiding guild here on Silvermoon since 2007 and now would be a great time to think about joining us to get to know everyone before the excitement of Shadowlands hits :slight_smile: Get in touch if you fancy a chat?

Hi there,

We’ve got the place for you to stay & slay in Quantum MK II. Please check out our recruitment post right here, if you’re interested.

All contact information is listed in on the post. My own is updated a bit down in the comments section (EvilDonutMan/TexMexCowBoy in the media’s). I’m available via discord for almost 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to chat to know more.

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